Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Special Day!

Today is a special day for me as I turn a year older!  Even though it's rainy and grey here, I have enjoyed a lovely time with my hubby and my three kids.

I received this lovely old red lantern candle holder from hubby - he knows I love collecting lanterns!

From my sister-in-law I received some sweet things including this wooden pumpkin and now sits in my shelf with other autumn decorations.  Love it!

My dear daughter made us all my favourite chocolate cupcakes (instead of cake) and I have indulged in one (or two)!!! and found them delectable!

So I have been well and truly spoiled and enjoying every moment!

Best wishes and thanks for coming by!
Wish I could share some tea and cupcakes with you too!


  1. Happy Birthday, Christine! Lovely gifts and enjoy those yummy looking cupcakes!

  2. Happy Birthday what a wonderful array of gifts and those cupcakes look divine.

  3. Happy birthday Christine!! Love the lamp! xx

  4. Happy birthday. Wonderful gifts and the cupcakes look so good

  5. Happy Birthday Christine. What lovely gifts your family showered you with. You are truly blessed.

  6. Happiest of Birthdays to you, lovely Christine. Your lantern is perfect; love the colour and those chocolate cupcakes look positively delicious!

  7. Happy birthday Christine. I so love chocolate cupcakes. Yum! Janice

  8. Happy birthday! What sweet gifts you've received, and the cupcakes do look irresistible!
    hugs, jessica

  9. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I believe I'm a day late.
    Beautiful gifts, love the lantern. :-)
    How sweet of your daughter to bake cupcakes and they look delicious.
    Enjoy the rest of your day~

  10. Happy Birthday! What better way to spend a birthday than with family! Your red lantern is really special and the cupcakes look o yummy! Nancy

  11. Happy Birthday, Love the lantern and such a cute pumpkin, oh those cupcakes look so yummy, glad it was a good day!


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