Friday, 3 March 2017

March is here!

As this is my first post in the month of March 2017, for fun I thought I'd use the five letters of March to do an acrostic of things I think of and love about this month!
(Think I'll do the same for April!)

1.  M is for Mother as this month we celebrate Mothering Sunday in the UK.

These are a couple of the cross stitch pieces I've made for this lovely occasion and the first was a gift to my own precious mother.

2. A is for theArrival of lovely new blooms and lambs signalling spring is coming! What a lovely feeling that is!

3. R is for Rain and we have more than our fair share of rain in March, but the plus point is there is more chance of seeing a pretty Rainbow!
You can just about see this arc!

4. C is for sweet little chicks too, cake and celebration of my son's birthday this month! Can't believe he'll be 16!!!

5. H is for HAPPY for lo the winter is past and the sound of birds singing fills the land!
Wishing you all a happy March!

Thanks for coming by and commenting! 

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Happy weekend!


  1. What a lovely post and I also wish you
    a very Happy March!

  2. Love your 'Mother' cross-stitches
    Happy March to you!! xx

  3. Happy March to you also. My birthday is this month too but I'm way older than 16

  4. what a wonderful inspiration for a Five on Friday to use the letters of the month! great idea

  5. Happy March and happy Mar birthday to your son. I love your sweet cross stitch pieces. I hope you will enjoy the weekend.

  6. What a lovely Five on Friday! As a fellow cross stitcher I love seeing your stitched pieces. I love stitching for my Mum!

  7. Your March looks delightful. I love your little Mother cross stitch pillow. Happy March to you!

  8. Great idea for a post and so apt. Lovely photos.

  9. Lovely post !
    We celebrate Mothers in May, here...
    Have a great weekend !

  10. Lovely stitching, Happy March !!!

  11. What a great idea. Love your pillows.

  12. What a lovely tribute to the month of March :)

  13. what a sweet and creative post Christine! Your needlework pieces are so very pretty... Such a lovely post to celebrate
    March's arrival. Have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for coming by my blog for a visit!


  14. Your pillows are so pretty! Happy March to you also! Nancy

  15. This post was so much fun! Thank you. Lovely sentiment to March.

  16. very cute post, I love the pillows you stitched for your Mother. flowers coming out is my favorite of spring :)
    A Happy Birthday to your son, they sure do grow up fast don't they.
    My hubby and I were just talking how the birds seem to be singing a bit more the past few weeks, I think they are just as happy to see Spring coming.

  17. Thank you for writing Mothering Sunday rather than Mothers' Day! I have a constant bee in my bonnet about it. The sun is shining today and I am ready for spring, new blooms, lambs and all. Hope you had a good weekend. x

  18. What a neat post! I love seeing all of the special things in your beautiful land and in your house. Wow your son turns 16? It seems like he was just a little guy the other day. Don't they grow up too fast? I hope you have a lovely week.


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