Saturday, 30 January 2016

Little House

Hello dear friends!

First let me thank all of you who were so kind and encouraging in your comments after my last post.

I thought I better get busy again, because sometimes you can just allow circumstances to roll over you and overwhelm you, rather than taking positive  action and work you way through it.

So I dug through some patterns and found one I really wanted to stitch and got stuck in and then couldn't wait to finish it.

It's Little House by Lori Brechin of NotForgottenFarm.

Dedicated to all you dear friends and the love and support you give so readily!

Now just for the final effort of figuring out how to finish it off nicely!

Thanks again! 
You are great!

Best wishes

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Bear with me...

Bear with me dear friends!  I hope you can hang on for a 'real' post soon!

Sometimes we have to prioritize and I just haven't been able to finish my crafting but when the dust settles, and soon, I'll be back!