Thursday, 8 December 2016

Rudolph Mugshots! Challenge # 6

I've brought Rudolph in for questioning! I need to know what I'll find under the tree this year!

Of course this is my homemade Rudolph from a sweet free pattern found on Ali Strebel's blog HERE

He's doing his best to look coy!  I used a red pip berry for his nose and pipe cleaners for his antlers!

He needed to go outside for fresh air and a nibble on the trees!

He wishes you all a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thanks for coming by! I love to read your comments!

Best wishes!


  1. Now that was amazing, I think that is my all time favourite.

  2. He's really cute. The way it's snowing out here right now I could use that red nose of his

  3. I love Rudolph...he's too nice!

  4. he is too cute, love the pipe cleaner antlers and his red nose :)

  5. wonderful cute.. :)

  6. Wishing you and your cute Rudolph the loveliest of Christmases, Christine.


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