Friday, 2 December 2016

Another Christmas Make & Five on Friday

So here's the second of my self-imposed Christmas Craft Challenge Cretions and it's a free pattern from Lori of Not Forgotten Farm and is part of Buttermilk Basin's Christmas Blog Hop.

Sweet little red stocking with holly - so simple yet so perfect for an extra Christmas touch around the house.

I have not really started my Christmas decorating yet but I did hang this pretty wreath on the hall shelf.

I've also looked out my favourite Christmas pattern books and lined up some more ideas for my challenge!

Do you buy  some new decorations every Christmas? I just can't help myself when I'm shopping and my daughter managed to persuade me to buy these three gorgeous baubles for our tree.

Lastly and looking ahead to spring I bought bulbs to plant and need to do that very soon before it gets too cold.

So glad you came by!

Linking with Amy's Five on Friday below

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully I will share another sweet wee Christmas creation tomorrow!


  1. What lovely things and ideas, I like your stocking a lot!

  2. Love the stocking, a really impressive make. I have started with my Christmas decorating today, it could take some time...

  3. I also bought bulbs of tulips,and already planted.. and you can't believe my daffodils have already sprouted in winter.. but no flowers are coming.. I'm afraid that in Spring I may not see the bright hello daffodils...

  4. I've one question, can I participate in this five on friday event?

  5. Lovely crafty Five on Friday. I admit that I haven't bought any new decorations. I have so many of them. I'm still waiting for my 'kids' to take theirs away!

    Happy Five on Friday

  6. I like your stocking. I haven't started my decorating yet

  7. Lovely sock !
    Lovely Five too !
    Not starting the decorations yet...
    Have a comfy weekend !

  8. adorable socks dear.
    decorations are lovely .

  9. Cute little Christmas stocking, Christine. Those decorations are lovely and those Spring bulbs add a touch of Spring to what I imagine. a little chilly weather over there.

  10. Nice Five, love the stockings, I have bulbs to plant too.

  11. Lovely stocking and very pretty new baubles.

  12. Yikes! Thanks for reminding me that I still have bulbs in the refrigerator in the garage which should have been planted by now.

  13. Love the stocking with the holly too cute, I haven't started my decorating, still get too dizzy and just getting my housework done has been enough for me. Love your baubles, we usually buy at least one ornament when we go on our vacations to remember what we did that year, this year we have two to put on our tree :)


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