Friday, 28 October 2016

Miscellaneous Musings

This week's five on Friday is a pretty mixed bunch of this that and the other but I'm pleased to say that I have one finish to share and it was another cross stitch on burlap of this owl!

I do have a fondness for owls and made these three for my fall decorating.

On a different, but fall related theme, I was looking through my photos from our visit to the Ulster American Folk Park and was admiring this old Tole Box and thought that looks like a pumpkin on it.

I'm pretty sure it's not, it's just that I've been seeing a lot of pumpkins today!
Still, it's a beautiful box.

Now I am not given to decorating for Halloween and I do mutter about how early shops start selling their decorations, but I was 'horrified'!! to see the theme park we visited in July! had already their Halloween decor out and advertising 'Fright Night' in October.

And I leave you with a wonderful sunrise I  was privileged to witness, just two mornings ago.

This is my kind of October decor!

Thanks for coming by! It would be lovely to hear from you. I will try to return the visit though I am not able to comment on blogs using the Google+ box.

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  1. I love your owls, they are so cute aren't they!! Thank you for being part of Five On Friday, hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I loved the October décor image just breath taking. I was impressed with the owl cross stitch and the three little owls look wonderful in the little wooden trough. Although I have started a lot of my Christmas crafts I don't like to see the Christmas displays in shops too early either. Have a great weekend.

  3. Your owl cross-stitch is really lovely - very 'prim' on the burlap.
    It's interesting what you say about the Google + because my new Bilberry Lane blog is Google + although that wasn't my intention and I've noticed I've hardly had any visitors! I'm not promoting it much admittedly, but perhaps it is the Google + thing!! I wish I could change it to just a normal 'Google' blog - don't know whether that's possible though :0(

    1. I use my regular blogspot account and have it hooked up for a Google+ so it posts in both places. I think then it gives the option of people replying either way. I could be wrong - not an expert!

  4. Your owls are so cute. I love the sunrise picture. The reflection is just beautiful. Happy Five on Friday

  5. I love your cross stitch owl and the ones in the picture below that.
    It drives me nuts how early they push the different holidays. One of the salesmen that come in the store where I work brought me a Valentines pre order that has to be submitted by Nov 18. It's not even Halloween yet and I've already got to think about Valentines day. It's crazy

  6. Love "your kind of October", us too.

    Prudence & Mom

  7. Such a glorious sunrise and I do love your owls! Have a good weekend.

  8. Love the owls. And that looks like a pumpkin on the box to me.

  9. Love the owls, Christine. Have a beautiful Saturday friend.

  10. Beautiful sunrise, or as I love saying "Sonrise", and yes, that is what October is all about, just being surrounded with beauty.

    Happy Weekend.

  11. Lovely owls, lovely box and gorgeous decor !!!
    Have a cosy weekend !

  12. Your sunrise is fantastic! I'm very fond of owls too.

  13. How cute is that stiching, you have some sweet x-stitchings and those owls with their button eyes are too cute. I think that image on the box is a pumpkin.
    I do agree they do get quite a bit jump on the next holiday anymore, I understand we want to make crafts for a season ahead of time but months ahead is getting a little carried away.
    Your sunset is just gorgeous, I love the reflection of the clouds in the water. Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend!

  14. Your burlap owl is lovely and I agree about glorious sunsets and rises as my kind of autumnal decor

  15. Your owls are all cute as buttons! And, that glorious autumn sunrise, WOW! What a stunning reflection of the clouds in the sky!

    Happy Sunday, Christine,

  16. Beautiful sunrise. I'm a big fan of owls and I love your owls. A girl can never have too many owls! Ha! Have a wonderful week.

  17. Lovely collection of owls! :o)

    Happy Halloween!!!


  18. Magnificent sunset, but those skeltons are scary. They seem to be life size.

  19. It is always lovely to see a beautiul sunset. Your little owl cross stitch is so pretty. I love the colours you stitched with. Your 'parliament' of owls is very sweet. =)


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