Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Some more new treasures

You can surely tell on entering our home that we as a family enjoy The USA and our time spent there on vacation.  My son has chosen to have his bedroom decorated with the Stars and Stripes.

We picked up the USA marquee lights from Target for his room and whilst I was shopping for fabrics in The Country Craft Cupboard, he spotted this Stars and stripes pillow and we were able to buy the fabric and I stitched it up for his chair!

A locally made saltbox house came home with me and I put a battery operated flicker candle inside.

I have been looking for ages for a wire egg basket for my bench - maybe with rag balls or...

old spools!

A favourite, as I love lamps, is this Moravian star lamp which casts such a warm lovely glow in a dark corner.

It's been fun finding where to place new treasures and remembering the places they came from on our travels.

Wishing you all a lovely week!

Your comments mean so much!

Best wishes


  1. {{{Big Smiles}}}} Love everything about this post. smiles

  2. How nice!!! I love everything too!
    I love the fabric you found for the pillow. I have a house, I like that idea of putting a flickering light in it. Great idea.

  3. I'm so happy to hear that your visit to our country was a pleasant one and that now you have some lovely things around your home to keep your memories alive.
    Sweet post :)

  4. Wonderful treasures. I like them all

  5. Wonderful treasures! I am borrowing that phrase from Ann in the comment above. It's perfect! :)

  6. Lovely little treasures !!!
    Have a nice day !

  7. The little saltbox house is so cute, love it! - Tasha

  8. So neat, isn't it funny how we bring back things from other countries and decorate our home with them, we have a lot of English things that we picked up while living there :) I too love the wire baskets, I have been picking them up when I see them, luckily I have found a couple at the thrift stores too so getting them at good prices.


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