Friday, 27 November 2015

Button Cards

 Happy Weekend!  As it's Friday I'm linking again with Amy from Love Made My Home.

I've been inspired once again by Pinterest for this week's Five on Friday.

I thought I'd try to make some button Christmas cards. They are pretty simple and  I know I need practice to tidy these designs up a bit but I love the overall look of these cards.

1. Button wreath

2. Button Tree

3. Button Baubles

4. Button Star and pipe cleaner tree

5. Red button robins

So that's my Five! Do you have a favourite? Mine might be the first one of the wreath.
I'd love to try some other designs too but will have to see how time permits.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

No Sew Easy Christmas Idea!

 If you're like me, you love Christmas decorations and especially Christmas trees.  I'm always on the look out for trees to decorate our home with for the holiday season.

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you might have seen my homespun raggedy Christmas tree tutorial on my side bar.

Having a florist's cone or better yet a cardboard cone from a craft store, you can make any number of fun Christmas trees.

For today's tree, there is no sewing involved - only a minimal amount of glue required!
Can't beat that for time and we all know time is of the essence at Christmas!

So I took my cardboard cone and wrapped it in warm and natural batting which I just simply glued onto the cone, carefully pressing down on the joining edge to seal it well.

Trim the base and turn under and again glue into place.

The fun part is that you can decorate this blank 'tree' in so many different ways!

I love red against the snowy white so I traced some wool felt stars and snowflakes and even an elk to decorate my first cone tree.  All you need to do is glue them firmly into place

For a change up, I tried some cut out letters for 'noel' - you could do JOY or you could simply cover the cone in snowflakes or small Christmas tree cutouts or stars - whatever!!

Just have fun and soon you'll have great, easy to make and cheap new trees for Christmas!

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Oh Deer!

Happy Friday, friends! I didn't think that I would even manage a post this week as I've hardly had time to blink never mind blog! I'm sharing with Amy at Love made my Home and Five on Friday.

With Christmas  well and truly in our sights, I've been working on some Christmas items, reindeer being amongst my favourite patterns, so when I grabbed a few minutes I've been doing some cross stitch deer!

1. this is from a free pattern I found on Pinterest.  Simple but soon hard to stitch on 32t linen - I nearly gave up but it was too sweet not to finish it! Love how the deer gazes at the star!

2. This was easier on Aida another freebie from Pinterest  Grilles De Marise.
Red and white is a classic combination!

3. I decided to frame this one in a simple white frame which will go well with my newly decorated living room

4. This is an idea for a little pouch rather than another pinkeep. I copied a deer shape from free google images and transferred it to some ticking. Just love the leaping deer!

5. Lastly this deer is a special one as it was the first primitive deer I owned thanks to Wendy of Raavenwood Whimzies as I won her giveaway several years ago

 He is one handsome fella!

Thanks so much for visiting and hope to hear from you and return the favour!

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Lighten Up!

 Happy Weekend!  Time is hurtling us on so fast towards Christmas and until I can put up the twinkling Christmas lights, I thought I'd share five of my favourite lamps that light up my home.

1. This is a tart warmer as well as a lamp and you will notice stars feature quite a lot around my home!

I love the smell of these cute little tart melts, a mix of cinnamon and Christmas spices!

2. This is on my hall table, a double black prim lamp

 - simple lines, and so lovely!

3. Just to mix things up a bit, I recently bought this sweet little ceramic candle holder and use a battery operated candle inside.  It goes nicely in our newly redecorated living room.

4. More starry lamps this time a glass fronted rusty red lamp.

Its so pretty to see the stars on the walls

 5. Oh look, more stars on this lamp shade again punched tin on a wrought iron stand.  Its at a good height over my rocking chair, where I can sit and read or sew.

 Lovely to bask in its soft glow...

It's definitely wintry here tonight so the glow of the lamps make home all the more cozy and inviting.

Glad you came by and hope you enjoy the warmth!

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fireplace Redo - Before and After

 It's only taken months, but at long last we've replaced our old fireplace! I've waited years for this old monstrosity (below) to be removed and this year DH, finally agreed it was time to do something about it so that we could enjoy cozy fires this winter.  I just snapped a quick pic before it was removed and DH had already taken away the mahogany mantel.

Here is the After photo.
We decided to install a multi burner stove and our garage is now chock full of logs!
We chose a black granite hearth which is so much easier to keep clean.

I have to thank hubby for working hard after he came home from work to get the room back into shape
 Another couple of views of our new mantle piece which is from an architectural salvage firm near us

It's got that 'character'! Inotherwords lots of chips, cracks and old rusty nail holes in it!
  a new willow log basket to complete the fireplace.


Hopefull I will try to share some more pictures of our living room makeover with you in the next week as and when I find a few spare moments!

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