Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Rising Star!

The making of a Christmas star!

This is an easy way to transform a tin star into a Christmas Star that has plenty of Wow!
I had this large metal star laying around looking sad and in need of cheering up, so instead of a wreath this year I decided to make the star the star!

Here are the bits and pieces I gathered up to transform it for Christmas;

Some green wired branches,
some pip berry and winterberry stems,
rusty bells and homespun ribbon
not forgetting the glue gun!

So I  started by gluing the green fir branches out from the middle of the star
Next I glued on the sprigs of berries

And as quickly as that I was ready to tie on the homespun bow and glue on the rusty bells!

Tah dah! Done!
But I have to put my hand up and admit I made a basic mistake! OOPS I forgot to check the star was the right way up and have to change it around so the hook is at the top instead of the side!

For now it is set on my mantle shelf, bringing Christmas cheer!

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  1. Wow, you made your star beautifully.
    Thanks for your nice comment.

  2. I love it. Just a few simple things changed a plain star into one that made quite an impressive statement.

  3. Inspirational, a really great make.

  4. I love your star....it is beautiful.

  5. I love it! Sounds so like a mistake I would make too! Tee hee hee!
    Be blessed,

  6. The star is beautiful. You are so creative!

  7. I love how pretty your Christmas star came out!

  8. Love that star Christine, so pretty...Blessings Francine.

  9. What a beautiful and original star !!!
    Have a nice day !

  10. Hi Christine, Love your star and I am so inspired as I have 2 of these in metal waiting to have something done with them. Thank you for sharing this darling idea. Your star looks wonderful. Merry Christmas xo

  11. Hi Christine, Love your star and I am so inspired as I have 2 of these in metal waiting to have something done with them. Thank you for sharing this darling idea. Your star looks wonderful. Merry Christmas xo

  12. You have transformed your plain metal star into The Star - A beautiful Christmas Star!

  13. Your star, from a simple star has become a gorgeous Christmas Star, thank you for sharing your creativity, my darling Christine !
    May your day be blessed, sending dear love across the miles

  14. I love your idea of doing this instead of a wreath, it turned out wonderfully, so sorry for you that you glued it all the wrong way.

  15. Fantastic! Your star is now the star indeed and will make a great wreath too! What could be better or prettier! xx

  16. I love this! So festive and Christmasy looking! Thanks so much for sharing, and God bless you!

  17. Um belo trabalho, gostei.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  18. This is so charming, Christine. Such sweet details! You have such an eye for that. I make mistakes like that, too. It's so easy to do in our excitement to create! Wishing you wonderful blessings and the joys of the season <3


  19. That's simply stunning, and a creative way to brighten things up indeed. Greetings!

  20. Now the star is cheerful and bright!

  21. Super cute! I too have done the exact same thing.... the old hook on the bottom thing lol All you can do is laugh and lean it up against something until you get around to fixing it lol

  22. I LOVE THIS!! I have a thing about stars and this one is perfect. Very creative.

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  24. Christine....I am so excited you stopped by my blog today. LOVE all your little things...I work on these type things all the time. I spend a lot of time in bed because of my back and neck, so I can hand sew/quilt little things, cut and paste...anything small works super. Love your burlap with the music paper. I have 2 huge sheets of that paper I brought back from Italy. You are so creative and talented. Can’t wait to scroll down thru all of your other posts. Have a nice rainy day. genie


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