Friday, 30 October 2015

Five on Friday

 A happy Friday to you!  Glad you could join me for another fun Friday link up with Amy for Five on Friday.

We've had a very full and diverse week of activities here, with it being half term break so I had to entertain my three and was thankful there was only one day of persistent rain.

However my first mention this week has to be that we celebrated my hubby's birthday this week.

Sorry but he's too shy to make an appearance here and doesn't want his age publicised!!!

Anyhow, we went out to one of our favourite restaurants and had a beautiful dinner and scoffed his cake before I took photos!!

I love getting out whilst the weather is still pleasant and we took a trip to a forest park to enjoy the views.

This is Castlewellan Castle in County Down about a half hour away. its a private conference centre so sadly no tours inside.

The walk around the lake was well worth it though!
 There's also a maze which was fun

A third outing this week was to The Fairy Glen which is really for younger children.

We did smile at the sweet wee make believe fairy homes!

Fourthly we had fun carving pumpkins.  My daughter saw this one and did a great job of carving the VW camper

Mickey Mouse was a bit trickier to do but still looks good!

Lastly I just had to share my latest little woodland creature cross stitch that I've nearly finished!(Well we have been out a lot!)
Little squirrel gets ready for winter. I'm finishing it as an acorn!

Thanks for your visit and don't forget to comment!

Thanks to Amy for hosting and be sure to click on the link below to see more!


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby. That castle was amazing and the lake was so beautiful. I loved the little fairy homes, too and those cool pumpkins. You have definitely been busy.

    Have a lovely weekend... :)

  2. Birthday wishes to hubby. Loved the castle and lake is so pretty. Neat pumpkins, very clever carving.Blessings Francine.

  3. Oh, how darling are the little fairy homes...? I have always had a thing for fairies...the good ones, though...{{Smiles}}
    Happiest of birthdays to your husband, Christine...
    Aww! What fun the pumpkin carving must have been and I just adore your cross stitch...too sweet for words!
    Hugs to you and have a simply wonderful weekend!

  4. Happy birthday to your hubby! Those are lovely places you have been. Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. School holidays are the best. We are not ruled by the clock and everyone can just chill a bit

  6. What an impressive castle! So nice to have somewhere like that nearby for a walk. Your little squirrel looks great. :-)

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband. I'm sure he can't be a day over 21. Now how many times he's been 21 I won't dare to take a
    Love all your pictures. That castle is beautiful.

  8. Happy Birthday to your hubby and tell him I insist he make a public appearance, smiles and giggles.

    Your photos are lovely and I really enjoyed your Fairy Glen visit--oh, meant to tell you, I am taking Irish Literature next semester--I wish I could afford the trip to Ireland that they take every spring, sigh.


  9. Lindo um belo trabalho.
    Um abraço e bom fim de semana.

  10. Love your pumpkins! Happy birthday to your hubby! The Fairy Glen was so cute for the kids, but oh my that castle!!!!

  11. I have a smile on my face after watching your post ! Thanks for that !
    Have a lovely and cosy weekend !

  12. First of all Happy Birthday to your husband, my darling Crhistine !
    Than I have to say that the place you've visited is truly gorgeous, it's a pity, as you say, the castel cannot be visible inside, but the tour you've done I'm sure was worth doing, anyway !
    I love your daughter's pumpkins and your littel squirrel ... oh, what a wonderful post !
    Have a joyous end of the week

  13. Oh what a beautiful place to visit. I love that castle. The pumpkins are nice too! Have a nice weekend.

  14. Looks like you had a nice school break and hubby's birthday! Such beautiful photos! And that fairy glen - oooohh for charming!! My daughter would be in heaven there! ;)

    Love your pumpkin carvings - so cute!! And that cross stitch is going to make the sweetest decoration. Blessings Christine! xoxo

  15. The park looks lovely and how nice it would be to explore that castle, I always love walking around water, just something calming about it to me. We love doing mazes too, we didn't get to any corn mazes this year. Your pumpkins are so cool, great job!! this is the first year in a long time we didn't carve any, we were so busy out and about, so I put our faux carved pumpkin I keep in the house outside last night.
    Your stitching is just the cutest and love the acorn shape you put it on :)

  16. Loving the many pics of the delightful things you've been up to this week.

  17. Hello Christine, Happy belated birthday to you hubby! The castle is beautiful, you have had a great week. Love the carved pumpkins! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  18. I love that VW pumpkin! It looks perfect! I am pretty sure I could not care something so intricate!

  19. Those pumpkins looked like they required some hard work! The products are well done! I also like your cross stitch. Acorns and squirrels both are a favorite part of fall for me!

  20. The maze is spectacular! How high are the bush walls? I think I'd like to be able to see over. ;)

  21. Belated bdy wishes to your husband. What fun to see these creative carved pumpkins. The castle and lake are lovely.

  22. I loved the pumpkins, I thought they were amazing. A belated birthday wish to your husband.

  23. Hi Christine

    Back to visit again! I love the little fairy homes - such a sweet idea! And I've just been admiring your cross stitch squirrel and fox too! The carved pumpkins were amazing, clever ideas! Hope your hubbie had a super birthday.

    Barbara xx


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