Friday, 16 October 2015

Five on Friday

 Welcome to another Five on Friday post when it is as ever, a pleasure to link with Amy at Love made my Home and join in the fun!

And that's what my five are about this week - they begin with the letter 'f' for FRIDAY FUN!

Well, actually I've enjoyed a fun week this week out and about enjoying FALL! The weather has been beautiful and the leaves are glorious so another 'f' is FOLIAGE!

Then we celebrated God's Faithfulness to us at our church harvest thanksgiving services. The bounty of fruit and veg and flowers was amazing - here are some of the displays

I have some fall Flowers outside too which are nice to see

Thirdly I love FOOD and this week I had a really delicious lunch and easy to make too!

It's a halved ciabatta roll topped with cooked chicken pieces, bacon, cheese chilli sauce and red onion which I served with salad and coleslaw.

Another exciting new addition for our home is a new FIRE or a wood burner to be exact!  It is so cozy to sit by in the evenings and keep burning those logs!

And finally... a FIRST for me  ... don't laugh but its my first attempt at chalkboard art and calligraphy.
Just a forehand attempt for now but I could seriously get into this as its so much FUN!


Hope you had a fun visit too and don't forget to check out other Five on Friday posts here


  1. I love the wood burning stove, I have one and really wouldn't be without it now. The sandwich looks delicious and your chalkboard art was excellent. Have a great weekend.

  2. It was lovely to read about your weeks adventures and see your lovely photos. I would love to attend a church harvest thanksgiving service. I've been reading about them. Enjoy your weekend. My best to you :)

  3. Five Fantastic Fun Fall Follies! Sorry, I struggled on the last word! Really though, five lovely autumn moments to have shared with us, a great idea for a post indeed. Thank you for joining Five on Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend - doing autumnal things sitting beside your beautiful fire! xx

  4. Lots of fun "F" things! I like the woodstove the best ... what better way to enjoy a fall evening! I enjoyed your previous post too with all your prim decorations ... fall is made for prims don't you think?

  5. oh your lunch looks so good and I could use that wood burner right now. It's a bit chilly here tonight

  6. Great fall photos, and that sandwich looks wonderfully delicious!

  7. Your flowers are so pretty and I'm feeling a little warmer just looking at that cozy wood burner. I could really use one of those since it's dropping down to the 40's tonight..

    Great job on the chalkboard and happy Fall to you, too.

  8. Lovely colours in the fall photo's. The wood burner looks so cosy and warm to sit in front of. And oh what a yummy looking lunch. Have a good week Leah xxx

  9. Happy weekend, Miss Christine.


  10. Beautiful....thank you for sharing. Blessings

  11. I want a wood burner just like that! What's it called?
    Good job with the chalk! It looks like fun!
    Your delicious dish is gorgeous!

  12. Perfect !!!
    Have a fun weekend !

  13. To me it's the most beautiful period of the whole year, Happy Fall to you, my darling friend, have a blessed end of the week amongst these gorgeous palettes of colours !
    Thank you for your so beautiful post, sweet Christine
    sending love and hugs

  14. Beautiful beautiful pictures of fall and harvest bounty!!! The ciabatta looks and sounds super scrumptious...I'm going to try and make it! Your chalkboard turned out really good, and I say your calligraphy is perfection! Have a great weekend!!

  15. Your fall pictures are just lovely, and that fire looks nice on these cold evenings, we have had to turn on the heat here this morning. Your chalkboard looks great, I have not tried Calligraphy but do think it is neat!

  16. What a lovely week you had and your photos are lovely :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Connie :)

  17. Oh, don't you just love a wood burner! That is what we use for heat and it's what I grew up with so whenever I'm in a place that uses only electric heat I find myself cold since a wood burner keeps things nice and cozy.

    Your photos are beautiful, my friend. Hugs and blessings to you!

  18. Belas fotografias.
    Gostei de ver.
    Um bom Domingo.

  19. And F is for Fabulous, which describes your photos! I think you have encapsulated the season in this post - thank you. x

  20. Great post.
    Your Fall Foliage is gorgeous.
    The Food looked delicious
    The Flowers were so pretty
    Your Church festival looked fun and festive and that Fire looks very cozy.

  21. Christine, that wood stove is beautiful! I am sure you will enjoy many a cozy evening sitting nearby. Very good chalkboard art!

  22. Christine, this is such a lovely post, including the photos! I also love your background and header. :)

  23. Hi Christine..
    Your church gathering displays are so pretty. What a lovely idea. There is always so much to be thankful for! Your flowers are gorgeous, too. It's so nice that you're still enjoying them. We have not had a a frost yet and I still have petunias and marigolds overflowing their pots:) Your dish looks delicious. SO many things that I enjoy together. Your chalk board art is wonderful. You did a GREAT job on it. <3 Thank you for sharing. What a charming post! Have a blessed week.

    Tamara xo

  24. Lovely, lovely "f" thingys...all are my favorites! Whoa...another "f"!


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