Friday, 28 August 2015

Leading into Autumn...

 I'm quite sad to say it, but it has definitely been feeling cooler the last few days and that can only mean one thing... we're heading into autumn.  Summer (what we had of it in N.I.) is slinking away in more showers and intermittent watery sunny spells and the schools are back.

So I suppose its only natural that my mind has turned towards fall decorating though I was trying to relive some of our summer vacation by looking through our photos.  I loved this store in Lancaster County PA, Cocalico Creek.  Even the outside had a fab selection of prime I wanted to bring home and use in my fall decorating... like the wagon! Especially the wagon!! Filled with pumpkins! Can't you just see it now!

Inside the store, there were lots and lots of honey and black coloured accessories.

Do you see those pumpkins and the basket of gourds?  No room in the suitcase I'm afraid :-(

But I did manage to bring home some wonderful wool, flannels and homespuns.  Now what can I make?

 The colours of these WDW flosses are calling out for fall!

And as a wonderful treat, I got some Valdani threads!!!

Some of the patterns I am deliberating over... so many pretties in appliqué, cross stitch and punch needle!  What to do? Where to start?

One thing's for sure, fall is coming so I see oranges and blacks and mustards featuring prominently!!

I have some nearly finished that I hope to share with you on Monday.

Have you any projects underway for fall already?  

thanks for all your sweet comments! 

PS Just to let you know that I have started a new blog for my photos and travels called 
Christine and her camera.  You are most welcome to click here to visit and please follow if you can!

Best wishes


  1. Hi Miss Christine,

    It's me....Prudence and I'm back from summer camp. Your pictures are so bee-u-tee-ful. Don't be sad, autumn is exciting, the leaves turning color, falling, frost on the roofs, pumpkins, baking.....please don't be sad.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. I am feeling even though we are still so hot, that feeling of the fall and the colors. I love your pictures here. I am still working on a couple of rugs, I keep hoping to finish.
    Your new blog is fantastic.

  3. I love the colors of Fall! My favorite time of year. That is a wonderful store too. Those wools are amazing. Please join my decorating group if you are on facebook. go to my blog and you'll see the link. I will be joining your new blog too! How exciting! Maggie

  4. yes it is feeling more fall like here too. The days and nights are getting cooler and I've seen some leaves starting to change color.
    I'm always working on fall projects since the one craft show a year we do is for fall.

  5. What a lovely antique shop! The wagon is so nice isn't it. Hope you enjoy working with your lovely new threads! xx

  6. We have had some cool breezes here this week too but it's back up to 85 today. Looking forward to my favorite season!

  7. Hi sweet Christine! You got such wonderful items, my friend, and I know you will make something extraordinary and beautiful :) And a new blog - how delightful! I will take a peek. Have a wonderful weekend. Love and hugs!

  8. Loved the antique store and the old wagon was such a treat. Have a great weekend.

  9. I dont want fall yet, I love the colors of fall but fall leads to winter... long may the summer continue :) great haul you got, cant wait to see what you make.

  10. Hi Christine, I love fall! And I can tell it is around the corner. I have been to Cocalico Creek in Lancaster, it is an amazing store, I love it! I love to see how they decorate. I noticed you had bought a cute sheep pattern, could I please have the designers name? Wishing you a beautiful day!!! hugs, Lecia

  11. Beautiful. No, no projects here...nothing like you have, I should say. The mornings here in western NY have been quite crisp...starting to feel fallish. Blessings

  12. I love that wagon too! You need a bigger suitcase ;)

  13. Lovely wagon !!!! Would be perfect for my garden ! Love the store with old antiques ! And the yarns...
    Summer is still with us. We have 30cº today and we desperately need some rain....
    Have a cosy weekend !

  14. Oh I can see it and that wagon would be perfect filled with pumpkins. I love that idea. What a wonderful store and Lancaster isn't far from me at all so I'll have to check it out one weekend. Now, I'm on the way to check out your new blog... :)

  15. Love your new fabrics and flosses, wonderful fall colours Christine! It is (unfortunately!) feeling very fall-like here as well, I can't believe that summer has come and gone already. Can't wait to see your new makes! Deb xo

  16. I think that wagon would have been a good way of getting has wheels and you could have put your suitcase in it! Looks like some great finds!

  17. Your collection of supplies look great and some fun can be have using them, I will have to say I am attracted to fall earthy colors :)


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