Thursday, 30 July 2015

Good Fences

Hello and welcome to Good fences, Tex's meme. So much fun! Who knew fence spotting and photographing could be a great new hobby!

 Sharing some more fences from Colonial Williamsburg!  It was a fence paradise and I felt transported back a couple of centuries!

When I see these picket fences around the old homes I think of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn! Do you remember when Tom had to paint his aunt's fence and managed to get out of it by tricking Huck?  That's what I imagine the town to be like.

The ball and chain on the gate was a great idea to make it close behind you.

Hope you enjoyed your visit and thanks to all who take time to comment. Much appreciated!

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Friday, 24 July 2015


 A huge highlight on our holiday was being able to visit Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC.

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1. Biltmore was built by George Vanderbilt in 1888 and finished in 1895.
2. Built in North Carolina in the Blue Ridge mountains.
3. The mansion has 250 rooms and 43 bathrooms!
4. One of the earliest mansions to house a bowling alley and indoor swimming pool in the basement!
5. After so many trees were used in building and surrounding area, George Vanderbilt planted over a million trees!

The architectural detail was amazing on every part of the building, both inside and out but unfortunately no photography is allowed inside.

 Above is a wee photo of me sitting in front of the staircase which has a neat parapet round it on the exterior.

Below is a shot of the rear turrets and if you click on the photo, you can see the detail above the two middle windows which have the monogram V for Vanderbilt.

We also hired bicycles fro m Antler Hill village in the estate and rode to the lake which offered wonderful views of the mansion through the trees.

Back in the house we stepped out on the terrace and again the views were beautiful over the mountains and all the trees that were planted.

The gardens are also beautiful. Formal parterres boasting lots of variety and color.

 A glimpse of the towers and flag waving over the mansion.

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Good Fences at Williamsburg VA

 Once I started joining in with TexWis Girl's Good fences meme, I quickly found myself on the look out for different kinds of fencing, no matter where I go.

So it was just the same when we were on vacation and when we visited Williamsburg VA, there were so many fences I was thrilled!  I will share others later but this was my favourite fence find and i was lucky enough to spot it as we were walking to catch the bus back to the visitors centre.

I think it must be a private home but I love this fence!

The woodworking is just great and even the gate is matched in perfectly!
Awesome fence!

A little robin on a picket fence joined us for part of our tour!

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Our trip to Colonial Williamsburg

 I'd like to share some of our photos and memories of our day in Colonial Williamsburg.  I've been wanting to visit for quite some time and thoroughly enjoyed every second of our tour around the town and buildings.  Having read some historical fiction set in the area and period, i felt as if i was transported back to that era.

We started in the Governor's Palace, a very handsome red brick building and then went inside.

This was the Governor's wife's bedroom.  I was taken with the fabric cutout crown adorning the bed!

The kitchen's were a treat to see as there were all kinds of foods prepared as if a feast was taking place.

 The main street, the Duke of Gloucester Street was very wide and beautifully tree lined.  I loved how well preserved the houses and shops were, in various colors and styles and there were LOTS of fences.  I just revelled in walking around it!

 The town's stocks and there seems to be a particularly young British felon being punished that day! LOL!
 At five o'clock, there was a military parade with fife and drums and the muskets and canon were fired.

It was a spectacular close to our day in Williamsburg.

Hope you enjoyed this abbreviated tour with us!
Sigh! I'd love to be back!

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Home and Away

Happy weekend, friends! Glad you could come by for a visit and share some things this Friday that I'm sharing with Amy's link up Five on Friday.  Just click on the link below to join in!

One of the five I'm treasuring this week is the blessing of home even after the wonderful time we had there's no place like home and the bliss of one's own sweet bed and pillows.  Mind you, we stayed in some beautiful places and hotels!

But the fun of our holiday is always close at hand as I bought this great size prim utensil jar for my kitchen.  It is in just the right tones to match the tiling behind, and well, if you know me, you know I love stars!

Speaking of which, here's another metal one I got as a pair for my newly decorated living room.  More of that to come in a later post!

when we're away, one of my indulgences is Amish fiction and here's what I'm reading now by Kelly Long, called Threads of Grace.

When we arrived home I was so excited to find a parcel waiting for me! I was blessed recently to meet a new blogging friend and win her first giveaway over on her lovely blog,  Just click here to visit her and follow.


The parcel was chock full of goodies which i will treasure and enjoy!
Some cute wee buttons, a lavender scented sachet, knitting needles, packets of flower and herbs seeds, wool yarn and two really great crochet patterns and a beautifully hand adorned scarf! Truly spoilt so thanks so much Faith!

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Back from our Trip and Good Fences

 Hello, hello, hello! I'm back after a fantastic holiday!  Everything went well and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  just a bit of jet lag to recover from and adjust to some kind of a routine again.

While we were travelling, I was on the look out for fences! So for a start, here was a nice ornamental fence that we passed when we stayed on the Chesapeake.

Suits the area perfectly!

I also loved the pallet painted with the stars and stripes for the 4th of July by the door!

Another picture in the sun with a neat shadow of the fence on the lawn.

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I hope to sort through my photos and share a few more posts on our trip soon.

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