Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday Stitches

 Happy weekend, friends I thought I'd stop in and let you see what I've been stitching today.

Continuing with the patriotic theme, I put together a little stump doll with a Liberty banner.  She's certainly ready for the 4th!

I love stars and stripes and rather than another flag, I thought I'd make a stars and stripes dress to hang on my little cupboard.

 It was just a tad bare looking so I'm adding this cross stitch pillow of my own design.

So that's what i've been up too! Its been fun finding time to stitch a little in between running after the family as busy as can be!

Hope you are enjoying your free time!
God bless this Lord's Day

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Liberty & Freedom

 These are the two cross stitch finishes for this week.  I've been in the mood for red white and blue too.

Stacy Nash patterns that I've stitched on 30t Belfast linen

I pray God preserves these blessings for us.

Best wishes

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Up close and personal

A few strands of wire and posts.  That's all it takes for the fence to be effective! I'm always amazed that cattle, for the most part, keep inside the fence lines. This fence isn't even electrified. they don't realise their own strength!

But they are very inquisitive creatures!  This herd of dairy cows were more than keen to come close to the fence and make our acquaintance!

And they came closer...

...and closer...

...and one girl was very keen to get to know us!  Up close and personal!

The fence never bothered her,!
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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rural Fences and Sheep!

 Last week I shared some Royal fences with you but I headed out into the neighbouring farmland this week to share  rural fences.

There are lots of sheep and lambs on this farm and they have a very nicely fenced laneway up to the house. in the fields on either side there are sheep.

Nice set of horns on this girl! They all looked at me as if I was the one wearing horns! LOL!

We laughed at this half-shorn sheep - just left with wooly knickers by the looks of things!

The fence along the river is doing a good job.  Makes me think of a sheep's wool drying line or where Santa dries his beards!

  A shot of the same fence from the other bank of the river

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015


 Have you come across the old saying 'when you can step on seven daisies at once, spring has sprung'?  Well looking outside my lawn has been overrun with daisies, so I know spring is in full bloom here!

So that's why I looked out this kit by Primitive Gatherings and started cutting out and appliquéing this for spring.  It's coming along quite well though I have to say it is tough cutting out all those petals!  Reminded me of school days when we girls would pick a daisy and pull the petals off, saying 'He loves me, he loves me not' until you were left with one and the boy you had in mind loved you or not!  Did you ever play that?  Makes me laugh now to remember!

 I know they are considered a weed for those with manicured lawns but traditionally daisies were thought to be a useful remedy for aches and pains and did you know that the name comes from their early name 'day's eye' as they open up as the sun rises.

Chaucer wrote,  'Well by reason men call it Maie.
                            The daisie or else the Eye of the Daie.'

In Scotland it is known as 'Bairnwort' testifying to the joy of children gathering it to make daisy chains.

That's exactly what my daughter loves doing and here's the one she made for me!

Happy daisy days of spring!

Thanks for joining me!

Its always lovely to hear from you!

Best wishes

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Royal Fences!!

 I'm feeling particularly in the mood for all things regal and royal this week after the arrival of Prince William and Catherine's new beautiful baby girl, Charlotte.  So I took a walk today in the gardens of the Queen's official royal residence in Northern Ireland, Hillsborough Castle.  Even though I pass it most days I'd never been in to visit the grounds before and I have to say I was enchanted by it even if the formal parterre was undergoing works.

Aren't these gates and railings ...well...royal?! very ornate and interesting to see all the details.

At this point I have to warn you that there are quite a few photos in this post so I will leave you to view at your own pace.  The gardens are vast and include woodlands and pinetum and lake with various paths and walks.
 You know I love bluebells!

 Below is the view from a little gazebo called Lady Alice's Temple and it looks back up toward the castle and the Yew Tree Walk

 Looking back down the Yew Tree Walk back to the gazebo.

 Lots of paths to explore, wonder where they lead to? Lots to see!

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Blessings to you!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bluebells in May

 Happy Merrie Month of May, friends!

May will forever be linked with bluebells for me and I eagerly await the first signs of bluebells come May. A walk in the woods nearby is always a joy as the bluebells spread a carpet on the forest floor and I just stand in awe!
 Of course I am inspired to pick up needle and thread and cross stitch a couple of bluebell patterns

 This was another way to display my finished cross stitch and rather than make another pillow or frame it, I went with a more primitive display  and saved myself the cost of buying anything by turning over this sign and gluing the cross stitch on to it! Voila!

The sign is great as it is and every day I see it I am reminded of a sweet friend and the need to pray with out ceasing.

The blank back made a great surface board  to glue it on to!

Another treasured bluebell piece is this vase by Belleek Pottery here in Northern Ireland and was a wedding gift.

If you have any other ideas for displaying finished cross stitched pieces I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!

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