Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bunnies on display

 Hello everyone and welcome!  I hope you all and a wonderful Easter weekend!  We enjoyed wonderful praise and worship on Resurrection Sunday and a family dinner at our home afterwards.

The weather too, has been super, sunny warm and pretty out!

My Easter bunnies are on display so I thought I'd share some pictures today.  The  wax one above is one of my newest and it smells so good.  I placed some of the moss i dried in this tray and he looks right at home there, don't you think!

This is another special treasure bunny mould that I also bought on vacation last summer.

 And this came home with me then too - a gorgeous blue basket, perfect for some blue eggs!

 I made this cute bunny in a blue homespun dress from a free pattern by the Moonlit Stitch.

Some more fun bunnies grouped together and below a happy little hare peeking out of another basket!

I'm going to hippy happily out into the sunshine now and mow the lawn! It's a joy to be in the garden, come this fine weather!

Have a wonderful day where you are and thanks for hopping by for a visit!

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  1. Good Morning! I am loving your bunnies. Love how you have them in the basket in the last picture. Happy Easter and Happy Spring! Hugs, Maggie

  2. Happy to hear you enjoyed a blessed Easter and that your weather is so nice. I love all your sweet bunnies. I enjoyed the photos very much. Don't work too hard in the yard!

  3. Hi Miss Christine,

    I love your Easter decorations, it's so much fun to take a tour of friends homes and displays. It's cloudy and stormy here but mild, looks like we are in for a stormy week but the lilacs are going to burst into bee-u-tee-ful blooms any day. Mom loves them, her two favs are lilacs and Lily-Of-The-Valley. They just popped up a wee bit from the soil so it will be awhile before they bloom. Mom planted them last spring, this will be their first year to bloom (I hope).

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  4. What a wonderful mould and great displays. Its so nice to be back out in the garden.

  5. Wonderful post.Happy Easter! Lovely deco ideas!
    Lets follow eachother on GFC. let me know if it is yes. Leave a comment about following and then I will come back immediately and follow you.


    Have a great week!

  6. Such a lovely bunny collection! My absolute favorit is the white in the basket on photo below.
    We are still waiting for warm sunny weather, but it will come...
    Have a great time

  7. Lovely !!!!! A delighful collection !!!
    Have a nice week !

  8. Afternoon Christine, loving those bunnies, really love the mold.Blessings Francine.

  9. I love your display of bunnies!
    The mould you found is an interesting piece and great addition.

  10. sweet decorations. I would love to be out mowing the lawn but we just aren't ready for that yet here

  11. I love them all! Such happy spring looking bunnies, I am so glad that you are having warm days.

  12. Thanks for visiting me today and I so enjoyed my visit to your blog, too. I love all of your wonderful bunnies. I agree, the wax bunny sitting in moss really does look right at home and I am also loving that adorable bunny in the pretty blue dress.

    We also had a little sunshine this morning before the clouds moved in this afternoon. Blessings... :)

  13. They are all very sweet, I love seeing your displays!

  14. such cute bunnies :) lovely post and ideas. spring is here at last :)

  15. Adorable sweet bunnies friend.
    I can't wai to mow and sing on my tractor.
    And tomato sandwiches too.
    Happy Spring

  16. Love your bunny collection and those fabric wrapped eggs are cute, I have fabric wrapped balls but never thought of egg shapes :)

  17. Loving all of your gorgeous creations. Just too cute and that bunny mold is amazing. What a lucky find. Glad you had a nice Easter weekend with your family!

  18. You bring smiles of joy to my face, sweet friend :) I loved seeing your sweet and unique rabbits. And your basket of fabric eggs are just too cute.

    Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. You are a delightful addition to the party!

  19. Hi Christine
    Your bunnies seem to be 'multiplying' like in real life LOL
    So cute they are.
    Oh I loooove your blue basket! Quite a nice find.

  20. Your bunny collection is adorable :)

  21. What a lovely collection of bunnies!

  22. Your Spring Easter decorations are so cute! We are beginning to see more green than white these days, but now mowing yet!! Enjoy your sun.

  23. What a cute collection! Glad to read that you had a lovely Easter and you're enjoying nice weather!

  24. Your bunnies are so cute. What a great collection.

  25. Love your bunnies, Christine.. There is something so sweet about a bunnie.. God bless.. xo


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