Monday, 30 March 2015

Monday Makes

I just wanted to share some weekend stitching which really should have been Friday finishes but here we are on Monday and I made myself finish these as I really have way too many bits and bobs lying around the sewing room in disarray.  I think it must be the spring air which makes me unsettled and I flit about from one thing to another.  So many ideas and different projects I want to try my hand at!

This sweet pinkeep was stitched from free stitch charts (

You can tell I'm still loving blues as I made this bluebird pinkeep from my favorite blue fabric.

 Something slightly different in the finish of this one as I made it into a pennant door hanger for more spring decoration.

 Just love those sweet wee bunnies!

 Thanks for all your comments last time! It's always lovely to hear from readers!

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Spring Blues!

 Happy first day of spring!  today is the spring equinox and here we are definitely feeling spring in the air!  

I've been having spring blues...not those kind of blues though! The happy kind of blues found in my stash of fabrics. 

I seem to be on a blue kick for sure!  Blue skies, blue hyacinths, robin's eggs blue,  just blue!

I sewed this little stump doll up and made a blue Civil War reproduction fabric dress for her, complete with the little cross stitched pillow for spring.  Adorable, right?
 Then I had to stitch up the daintiest little pinkeep ever with a blue bird on it...

I love the blue wool in this all wool applique pillow with blue tulips, though I admit I've never seen blue tulips in real life!
 And another pinkeep from a free Primitive Bettys pattern with dark blue primroses and backed in a blue cotton too!

These are all available now in my Etsy shop just click here to go straight to it!

Today is exciting too because of the solar eclipse.  Did you get to see it?  At around 9.35 am it grew dim but not very dark here and unfortunately there were rain clouds so I thought I was going to miss it.  But it was really amazing that as I stood watching, the clouds parted around the sun, and I was able to see the almost total eclipse of the sun and even got a couple of pictures with my wee camera.

I thought it was pretty amazing! It's the first time in my life that I've witnessed it so it made my day!

Thanks so much for your visits and comments too as you are dear friends one and all!

Happy Spring!


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day

 Sunday March 15 is Mothering Sunday here in the UK.  I am honoring my own dear sweet Mother and thank God every day for her godly example she has ever lived before us. 

Especially for her, I stitched this Mother pinkeep - (it's a free pattern from Pineberry Lane).

Tomorrow after our services, Mum and Dad are joining us for Sunday Lunch.  My mother obviously passed on her love of sweet treats to me! We both love lemon meringue pie so I made little individual ones for us to enjoy with a cup of tea after lunch!

 The weather has been changeable but we have had some lovely sunny bright days,
 and i could admire the views over the rolling hills outside our windows all afternoon!

The blossom on our tree is a pretty pink and soon my little daffodils will open! Spring is just about here!

 Have a special day and Happy Mother's Day to all dear mothers!

'A woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.'  Proverbs 31, 30.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Decorating the top of my Kitchen Cupboards

 Hi Folks! I don't know how the past few weeks slipped away on me but I'm only just getting back to my blog and thought I'd update you on what Ive been doing in my kitchen.

Above the wall cabinets there is a space up to the ceiling of a couple of feet.  I always felt it was a barren space that made the cupboards seem too low and the room out of proportion so I went on line to google images of what others had done and was duly inspired to group some objects with a bit of height to them in order to create a better feel and visual impact.  I just did the best I could with the prims I have about the house... as someone said, 'just shop the house'! and that's what I did.  It took some time and lots of trial and error.

One of my worries was that the kitchen might then feel cluttered and 'coming in' on itself so I was careful only to group in threes.

Another worry was that it would end up looking as if I had run out of storage space in the cupbaords and was resorting to stacking things up there out of the way.  So I decided to use objects that were not necessarily related to kitchen use ie.antique kitchen scales would be great but then I thought up there they would be lost and ineffective.

So here's what I came up with~

 I think the photos make it look sparsely done but any more stuff up there looks cluttered when it gets darker in the evenings.
I used these jars and a black checker board behind to help them stand out more and just a little vine of pip berry to soften the edge and add texture
Just added the dried hydrangea to soften this basket and break up the color block.

 Now I did read on an interior design blog that greenery on top of your kitchen cabinets is a big 'no-no' but I really like the extra height and pop of green this faux plant lends to this end of the cabinets.

 To the right as you enter the kitchen there is another smaller section of wall cabinets and here is the display on top
 Opposite that on the otherside of the main kitchen window is a single cupboard and I grouped some americana prims there as that would be one of my favorite styles!!
 The archway leadind to the family area and my stars up there too!

 So there you have it and just one last tip - put sheets of old newspaper on top of the cupboards to catch the dust etc and then change them as need be! Saves a lot of time scrubbing those grimy cupboards come spring!

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