Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hearts A-Glow

 Hello friends and welcome!  It's time for a quick craft for you this Valentine's. Naturally it involves hearts! 

All you need will be:

cardboard from cereal packets or similar
jute, thread or strips of old red fabric
glue gun
glass jars
battery operated tealights/candles

I cut out different sized hearts - doubled up and stuck together pieces of cardboard.

Next I took some red twine and stuck it down on the reverse side with some glue and simply began to wrap it around and around.

When it was all covered, I decided to hang this one in the center of a pip berry wreath inside my front door~

With one of the smaller hearts, I covered in strips of a crimson fabric, I glued it to a strip of burlap which I had measured to wrap around a mason jar~

 Simple and sweet with the candle glowing inside...

 On another recycled cranberry sauce jar I wrapped a heart in ribbon and tied it around the jar with a little battery operated tea light inside, positioned just right to shine through the heart!

I liked the natural look of this plain jute covered heart and tied it around this long basket.

So that's a start made in my home to decorate for Valentine's Day.
Do you decorate for this day of hearts and love?
Hope you are inspired to create a few hearts any way!
Thanks for your company I heart all my dear blogging friends!

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Best wishes


  1. Oh my! I think I'll try this....it looks simple enough for even me! You make things look fun and easy. Enjoy your day my friend! Hugs!

  2. Hi Christine, I love your craft valentines, I think I'll use the ones on the jars for my Valentine Tea this Saturday. Thanks for visiting with me and leaving your sweet comment and following me. I'll follow you back!

  3. Thank you so much for that, I will have to try it. Yes, I decorate a little bit, just because I love the colors and the shapes.

  4. They are so beautiful and look delightful all ready for Valentines day.

  5. Darling, my friend! I, too, like the natural-looking one - simple yet beautiful.

    Once upon a time I made something similar to this, but it was a round wreath for Christmas time and I made them into ornaments for the tree. I love your heart shapes - such a cute idea :)

    Hugs to you, Christine! Thanks for sharing at Roses of Inspiration.

  6. love your hearts-what a fun project too-I enjoy using out of my stash-thank you for the tutorial
    enjoy your day Kathy

  7. Wow, you are so creative! But it is soo unfair! ;o) No, of course not... Such wonderful hearts! I wish I had more time to make such lovely things! :o)


  8. What sweet and simple little hearts! You are full of great ideas :)

  9. These are great. I really like the one in the pip berry wreath. A nice way to recycle those boxes.
    I used to decorate for every holiday but now I'm lucky if I get my Christmas decorations out. I've got lots of stuff for Valentines day in a box in the crawl space but it hasn't come out in years

  10. Hi Christine, wonderful looking heart, thanks for sharing. Blessings Francine.

  11. Such great ideas with your hearts, the wreath and basket is my favorite, cute creations!

  12. Hi Christine, what a darling heart project. I just love it and thank you for sharing your steps and finish. What a great look for the front door. Gorgeous on the jar too and the basket. I will really have to get busy and try this.
    Wishing you a creative week.
    Hugs and Blessings.

  13. Wow! You are creative. :) I will put your name in our giveaway. Thanks for entering!

  14. Wow that is just so pretty and so simple do love.

  15. What a fantastic idea! I have been searching for an easy heart make for my front door and this would be perfect. Thank you for the inspiration! Your hearts are all very pretty. xx

  16. So cute Christine! Great idea and inspiring!

  17. loved your hearts, loved the one with the pip berries best!
    now I need to make some!

  18. Lovely hearts -- the twine one is my favorite!

  19. How lovely... You have now encouraged me to decorate for Valentine's day.


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