Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Doilie Doubletake!

 Since beginning a new year clear out and clean of some cupboards last week, I came across long forgotten doilies.  The smallest ones are coasters and are special as I bought them whilst on honeymoon on the island of Venus, Cyprus!! So that tells you how long they have travelled about with me as we're married 21 years!
 So rather than let them languish another 21 years, I was straight on to Pinterest to see what I could do with my doilies and I have to say, there are so many amazing  and creative people who share their creativity so I was well and truly inspired!

 These are the little coasters, so delicate and pretty. using an equal part of water and PVA glue and a round mold I made a little ring basket for my dressing table. Love it!
 Very simply tucked one doilie inside a basket to give it a lift! Easy peasy!

 I trimmed one doilie (more on that in a moment!) and glued it around this burlap plant pot cover so now...

 I can look at a cute little plant on my windowsill!
 This heart doilie was made from a round one and that's where the trim came from for the plant pot holder!!!
 Now you know i love all things primitive, so I had to tea stain this and stitch it to a bag I made from a ticking coverlet piece.

I added a coiled piece of red jute and button for a pop of interest and the handle is made of the same red jute.

 And lastly why not just use them as originally intended?  Perfect for showcasing scrumptious cupcakes!

Hope you enjoyed your visit as I have yours!

I'm linking with Stephanie's link party
Roses of Inspiration again this week.
It was so much fun last time!

Best wishes!


  1. I love doilies and I love what you have done with yours!! The little ring dish is a really cute idea!

  2. Inspirational what you have done with some beautiful doilies. Love the bag.

  3. I just love vintage doilies and have quite a collection myself. Just saw a post on hanging them on old windows. The effect is fabulous!

  4. Thank so you much for the ideas! I have so many too. I have a trunk with them and one of my bottom drawers has it filled with them too.
    Except my family made them so I have never done much with them just looked at them but those are wonderful ideas I could use. So pretty. I do wish those things would come back in style. :)

  5. OOO's and ahh's....love your blog and your pretty post about the dollies(which I have alot of) ...oh wait--I just saw the cupcake..giggling. Nice to meet you, thanks for coming by. Blessings

  6. Oh look at you putting those delicate doilies to good use! How exciting that you have what you gathered on your honeymoon.
    I loved the way you displayed one hanging out of the hanging flower container.
    I too have a love for doilies and have since I was a little girl. My dear granny made beautiful ones and I have been blessed to receive a few of them.

    Have a beautiful day.

  7. Funny you should post about searching Pinterest for doily ideas -- that's exactly what I did this morning!! (I found a bag of 18 at the thrift store for something like $3 that I'm anxious to craft with).

  8. I love the little doily basket for your rings. I put a heart doily out on my table this morning. Hugs!

  9. neat ideas, I have some lace that I am going to try and cut for trim, I haven't done it yet because I am afraid of it unraveling, tfs!

  10. Hello, I also just love those sweet, delicate pieces of art work. I always think they make a house look soft and comfortable. I use them in many ways around my home!
    Blesings, Roxy

  11. I have some doilies from my Grandma that I have framed and hanging on my bedroom wall. I love your ideas too.
    Be blessed,

  12. Oh, look at those cupcakes - can I have one? :) I love doilies and yours are so pretty especially the one you used to make a ring holder - too sweet!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend, at Roses of Inspiration. Have a blessed week!

  13. Love the doily baskets. I'm sold though as I love doilies. My mom was a fancy crocheter and always crocheted such beautiful things. Sadly I don't have a one of hers.

  14. I am a doily lover and collector myself! I love using them in all sorts of projects! I especially love how you added one to that ticking bag! Found you on Stephanie's linky party!

  15. Lovely doilies! I hoard mine!!!!!

  16. Great doily uses. I've been looking at some of my collection and wondering how to repurpose them (besides putting them under something).

  17. This bag with the heart is soo beautiful! Love it! And the other ideas with the doilies are great, too! :o)


  18. What great ideas! I was given some assorted doilies and a couple were very little and I wondered what to do with them. I didn't even connect that might be coasters. I love those kind of treasures! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  19. very lovely! they have SO many uses I never even thought of. great Ideas!

  20. Love your doilie ideas, Christine.. Perhaps, they are doing a comeback. smile.. xo

  21. I love your uses for the doilies and that bag is just beautiful. The cup cakes look delicious, I hope you enjoyed them. Take care xx


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