Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday Finish and New BOM

 Hi friends, how has your week been? It seems to have passed in a blur for me! And now that I think about it, that's January all but over too? What is happening!?  In between the usual I have been able to pick up my needle and thread to sew another sweet spring pouch, this time in blues.

 I took these shots this morning with the sunshine streaming in and that's always a welcome sight after dark dreary January days.
 This is my latest venture and one I am quite excited about! I am going to join Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin for her very generous BOM series of wool applique throughout the year.

I have just completed the first one ~ smiles!

 To me it's prim perfect! What's not to love about a pattern with a pineapple and a sheep with a star on its behind!! Lovin' it! And of course I get a chance to play with wools! Yayy!
Well lots more to do and lots more sewing I hope over the weekend with some Valentine's crafting to boot! Are you doing any crafting or sewing?
Always great to hear from you and thanks so much for your visit!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Grow Your Blog

Hello and Welcome to my blog!  My name is Christine and I am delighted to be taking part in GROW YOUR BLOG party hosted by Vicki of 2bagsfull.

It would be great to meet new blogging friends and find new sources of inspiration.
That's what I really love about blogging - the sweetest people I 'meet' who are so talented and give me more reasons to craft!
And that's what my blog is all about - I love to craft and stitch.

Cross stitch has probably become my first choice of stitching when I pick up my needle and this is one of my WIP's by Heartstrings, Beth Twist
 But way back in the beginning, I fell in love with primitive style pieces and applique was my 'way in'.
This was one of my first attempts at making something for our home and the sentiment stays the same
 I have been know to make a doll or two~

 I still enjoy primitive style for its warm tones and homeliness~

 Sweet hearts and stars quilt I pieced together~

 Wool applique is another favorite craft and just to have a stash of wool in the cupboard brings JOY!
So that's what I'm about and you are more than welcome to become a follower and come with me on my creating journey.

It's great to have company to encourage each other!

Thank you for stopping by!
Don't forget to visit Vicki and find other blogs to follow.

Friday, 23 January 2015

A Friday Finish - Cross stitch

 Happy Friday, friends! Another week has flown by, as busy as ever for us all I'm sure.  I think I am guilty of 'wishing my life away' as my dad is always saying, because I've been thinking 'SPRING!'

I pulled this free pattern out, by Primitive Betty and just stitched the tulip and two of the bunnies and made it into a sweet spring ditty bag.

For a little extra trim I added the lace edge over the calico.
Mind you, I still want to make some more hearts for Valentines Day and that won't be long coming around!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Best wishes!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Doilies Part 2!

 So my mind has been over run with doily ideas and projects from last week.  Thanks to all of you who visited and commented and encouraged me to try something that is beyond the boundaries of what I normally stick to and that's a good thing!

 I do love little purses and pouches so this one was easy for me to make another heart bag.  I adore how burlap seems to compliment the doily 'lace' so well.   The strap is also from the off cut doily - no need to waste anything!
 Not going to far from the Valentine's theme and loving the shabby chic look of this burlap and heart pillow

 The detail of the two fabrics combine so beautifully don't you think?

 Now this really took me to a whole new dimension of crafting - upcycling my clothes - a chambray shirt to be exact!  I love blue and the plainness of this shirt really lent itself to the crochet flowers I cut from another doily~

 I simply stitched the band of flowers around the cuffs of the shirt and admired!

But not to leave it there - I thought a crocheted flower necklace would lift the neck/collar and just sewed one side on~
 Under the collar on the other side I sewed on a little button - managed to find a sweet wee matching blue one!
 Then all I had to do was hook the doily flower over the button though you could use strong thread and sew a loop to attach it to the button!
 When the collar is folded down again you don't see it!

 So there you go! Simple as that and pretty too!
(And honestly, I DID iron my shirt before I took these photos!)

Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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Have a blessed day!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Snow Time!

 Happy Friday! Yeah we got snow!  The kids were so pleased as they got a day at home from school!
It was only about an inch or so but enough when it froze to make driving dangerous so we stayed at home. 

As I haven't had much spare time to stitch this week, it was a perfect opportunity to make something from Simply Vintage and this fit the bill in wool! (Needed a break from cross stitch!)

Main order of the day  - let's build a snowman!

Thought I'd try some close ups as the snow was melting on some early flowers

 That was our snow time!
Enjoy your weekend and stay safe and warm wherever you are!
Many thanks for your visit and comments!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Doilie Doubletake!

 Since beginning a new year clear out and clean of some cupboards last week, I came across long forgotten doilies.  The smallest ones are coasters and are special as I bought them whilst on honeymoon on the island of Venus, Cyprus!! So that tells you how long they have travelled about with me as we're married 21 years!
 So rather than let them languish another 21 years, I was straight on to Pinterest to see what I could do with my doilies and I have to say, there are so many amazing  and creative people who share their creativity so I was well and truly inspired!

 These are the little coasters, so delicate and pretty. using an equal part of water and PVA glue and a round mold I made a little ring basket for my dressing table. Love it!
 Very simply tucked one doilie inside a basket to give it a lift! Easy peasy!

 I trimmed one doilie (more on that in a moment!) and glued it around this burlap plant pot cover so now...

 I can look at a cute little plant on my windowsill!
 This heart doilie was made from a round one and that's where the trim came from for the plant pot holder!!!
 Now you know i love all things primitive, so I had to tea stain this and stitch it to a bag I made from a ticking coverlet piece.

I added a coiled piece of red jute and button for a pop of interest and the handle is made of the same red jute.

 And lastly why not just use them as originally intended?  Perfect for showcasing scrumptious cupcakes!

Hope you enjoyed your visit as I have yours!

I'm linking with Stephanie's link party
Roses of Inspiration again this week.
It was so much fun last time!

Best wishes!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Home is best - and a recipe

 Happy weekend, friends, hope you all had a good week, whatever the weather!  For me, with storms roaring, it was the perfect excuse to stay home and try to be a good house keeper! 

But honestly, I love being able to be a stay at home mom and I love being here when my kids get home from school and I can fix them some warming hot chocolate these days and listen to the tales they have from school. It is a blessing! 

I was even able to start clearing out  and cleaning kitchen cupboards so I feel I've made a fair start to the year and hope it lasts!!!

Of course there was time to sit for a while with needle in hand and I got this sweet little hanging tuck pillow stitched up~

I also forgot to show you the other finish I managed for Valentines Day and these ans some others are now listed on my Etsy.

Here is a quick and tasty recipe I tried today as it uses bananas that are over ripe.  The pancakes are pretty dense due to the banana and are best enjoyed straight off the griddle with the glaze, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me!

2 cups of AP flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 to 2 cups of milk
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 large bananas
2 tablespoons melted butter

Blend dry ingredients together in large bowl
Gradually add milk and melted butter and vanilla extract
Mixture should be of a dropping consistency
Heat a pan with a little oil in it and drop a couple of tablespoons of batter in for each pancake
After 2-3 minutes flip and cook for another couple minutes and lift out.

For the glaze mix a half cup of maple syrup and 3/4 cup powdered sugar and a teaspoon vanilla extract.  Drizzle over your pancake stack and add a knob of butter. Enjoy!

I just wanted to thank you all for following and welcome new friends to my blog! 
Best wishes and enjoy your weekend!