Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Here we are midweek again and here's a wee update on what I'm stitching at the moment.
And it is another spring themed pattern from Create and Decorate blog. 

But it's still wintery here.
We were out for a walk in between showers and as you can see the trees are still gray and bare

And the river is quite swollen under the wee stone bridge.

Here's a glimpse through the trees at an old whitewashed farmhouse which has been flooded before,
so here's hoping the river goes down before the next cloud burst. 
Can you see the sliver of blue smoke in amongst the branches?

 This is another view of the farmhouse nestled into the valley. it's one of those house I look at and find myself wondering about the lives of those who lived here a hundred years ago...

 I'm sure on a wintery day they were yearning for spring too!

Have a great day no matter!
And thanks for stopping by!


  1. I sure always enjoy the beautiful walks with you.
    So much fun.
    Lovely Spring stitches too.
    Come on Spring time :)
    Woolie Blessings

  2. It is so pretty and I love how that farmhouse is nestled in the trees. I think I love looking at all of the places you walk. I love seeing the bridge and the swollen creek. I always like seeing what you have been working on too.

  3. Such pretty pictures! Love the old farmhouse and lovely bridge,bet that house could tell some good stories.It is always fun to see your new projects.Have a wonderful evening.Hugs,Jen

  4. Oh my I forget what green grass looks like. All is still white around here although it is melting some this week.

    Beautiful pics Christine. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi Christine
    What beautiful photos - and like Felicia I have sort of forgotten
    What a pretty photo of the house - it wold make a beautiful card.

  6. thanks for the walk. I needed the exercise :) Love that old farmhouse hidden away there. I like to imagine who lived in places like that and what their lives were like also

  7. Great idea to get stitching on some Spring projects! The countryside is gorgeous... those greys and browns look so much better than the mounds of old snow we still have here... hoping it will melt soon...

  8. Morning Christine, loved walking with you, such pretty scenery, nice to see a bit of green.....Love your stitchery, always beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  9. Been catching up on your last few posts ~ great projects ~ and I love that farmhouse!!

  10. What a sweet walk! Can't believe how green your grass looks! All our snow finally melted away yesterday and today it felt like SPRING!!


  11. Everything looks so much more Springlike then it does here, Christine.. We are snowed under.. Love the old farm house.. xo

  12. Snowed under here too. And roads that have more potholes than road. Yikes. The little house reminds me of the house in one of my favorite John Wayne movies The Quiet Man. So beautiful. I love thinking about the history of houses too. We have so many wonderful ones in this part of Pennsylvania!

    Hugs and love!


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