Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Midweek Meanderings

 Welcome to Wednesday and my midweek meanderings.  It's been a bright sunny day here and there was maybe even a hint of spring promise in the air. I am noticing the birds twittering has grown louder and more excited the last few days, so wonderful!  I noticed these too today! My mini daffodils have bloomed! I had hidden them in between the wall and fence to protect them from the frosts and they survived!

 My favorite primroses on the back step to brighten up the place.

Thought I'd share a few pictures of a walk this Wednesday in a place called Dundrum near Newcastle and the mountains of Mourne. 

I only had my phone camera so excuse the poor quality.
The sun was just breaking through the clouds...

This is a view across the bay towards the Mourne mountains in the background

I don't know when this boat sank but there it is stranded in the sand banks.

 Now you might be wondering  why I put in this picture but if you look closely in the hedge there is a bunny! It's well camoflaged!
Thanks for spending some time with me today! Hope you had fun!

Best wishes


  1. I did spy the Lovely walk with you friend! Amy

  2. A very nice walk, I enjoyed that sunshine. I haven't seen much of that around here lately

  3. Oh Christine, take me away!!!! So beautiful, love the Daffodils and Prim Roses, lovely, thanks, Francine.

  4. It's always welcome when the weather changes to Spring like. Love the sweet little bunny! Enjoy your week my friend!

  5. your spring flowers are sooooo pretty as well as the pics from your walk. Thanks for sharing. No flowers and warm here yet, just cold and more snow.


  6. Oh I can't wait to plant my flowers. Thanks for sharing yours.
    The view on your walk is beautiful.

  7. Beautiful pictures!! I am so ready to see some green grass and flowers!

  8. It can 't be far off... Spring that is. We are still in snow & very cold here in the North. I want to see daffys in pots & bright primroses too. That little bunny is well hid. Loved my "walk" with you. Have a great week.

  9. It looks so pretty and it makes me want to come for a visit. I love looking at it all. To me it just looks enchanting and even that wall is so old. Such a pretty place to live and your flowers are so happy.

  10. I cant wait to see other colors besides white/black! Looks lovely there and lots of color! Love the pictures of the sky... Enjoy your evening!

  11. Lovely pictures and lucky you to have daffodils, enjoy!

  12. Your flowers are beautiful.. I just can't imagine having flowers already.. We are buried in snow for a bit yet.. smile.. Thanks for taking us on your walk.. More pics for my I Love Ireland pinboard..xi

  13. I am with Faye. My bulbs are only barely an inch out of the ground. Now, we might have more snow on Monday. I love the little bunny. Your country is beautiful. Sigh. I love the picture with green grass. Ours is yellow/brown. I will do an Anne and soak in the beauty of your pictures! Ahhh.


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