Monday, 24 February 2014

Made on Monday! Easter Egg tree!

 Hi Friends! I'm back this Monday with more of Christine's crazy crafts. They are certainly not professionally perfect but I have fun trying my hand making my own decorations.

I have had this large ball jar for years and thought rather than buying a new glass  cloche (which I have been checking out!) I thought I'd save some money and make the jar do instead!
 This is simple though fiddly. I made a little tree from twigs to fit in the jar and then glued miniature eggs onto the branches.  To cover the base of the jar, I pushed some spanish moss around it.

 Saw this on pinterest too and put my real birds nest into the wreath for another touch of spring
 And for something even more satisfying the girls made chocolate birds' nests cupcakes!
Sorry they are all gone!!
 Yummmm!! Excuse me while I grab a napkin and lick my fingers!

Thanks for your visit and here's wishing everyone a safe and blessed week!

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  1. Hi Miss Christine,

    Wow, you are so creative and I love your Easter tree, what a wonderful idea.....and it won't get dusty. Giggle.

    Nobeary saved me a cupcake? Crying.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. yum! the cupcakes look like they were good! and i love your easter egg tree! looks nice and prim in the jar! enjoy!!

  3. I love your tree in the jar, that is so clever and creative. Those cupcakes sure do look yummy but I'm on a diet so I'm staying away from that kind of stuff

  4. What a clever idea for the darling tree! and what yummy looking cupcakes they made and you didn't even save any for the rest of us!! LOL


  5. just so sweet, it looks like spring in a jar!

  6. Hey Christine that is pure adorableness. (hehe is that a word) yes it fits your jar. love it.

    hugs Felicia

  7. That's a really cute idea! And something even I might be able to make! heehee! Enjoy your week my friend!

  8. Hi Christine! I love your crafts, you are so talented. The tree in the jar is just so cute! The bird nest in the wreath is so springy! Thank you for always sharing! Have a great week!
    Be blessed,

  9. So pretty Christine. I really like your idea of using a jar. I have a bunch of those that I never know what to do with them. I like this. Your cupcakes look so yummy.
    Have fun this week.

  10. I love all the things you come up with! That little twig tree in the jar is awesome...I use those jars on my counter to hold nuts, pasta and such...I think if I snuck one in would be fun! You are so clever! have a great day!!

  11. That is so cute Christine, love it! I have a big gallon pickle jar I might have to try your idea in. Delicious looking cupcakes and calorie free I am sure :O)

  12. Oh, my! This is awesome! I have a favorite big jar too. I had a snowy scene and did not have any inspiration (lacking that this winter. Hence my quiet blog) for it!!! This is perfect! Okay, but the cupcakes... That's just cruel. I want one!!!!!

  13. I absolutely LOVE your Easter egg tree in the jar - what a sweet idea, my friend. And those cupcakes... yes, please!

    I'm always blessed to have you share your posts with Roses of Inspiration - thank you!


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