Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Midweek Meanderings

 Welcome to Wednesday and my midweek meanderings.  It's been a bright sunny day here and there was maybe even a hint of spring promise in the air. I am noticing the birds twittering has grown louder and more excited the last few days, so wonderful!  I noticed these too today! My mini daffodils have bloomed! I had hidden them in between the wall and fence to protect them from the frosts and they survived!

 My favorite primroses on the back step to brighten up the place.

Thought I'd share a few pictures of a walk this Wednesday in a place called Dundrum near Newcastle and the mountains of Mourne. 

I only had my phone camera so excuse the poor quality.
The sun was just breaking through the clouds...

This is a view across the bay towards the Mourne mountains in the background

I don't know when this boat sank but there it is stranded in the sand banks.

 Now you might be wondering  why I put in this picture but if you look closely in the hedge there is a bunny! It's well camoflaged!
Thanks for spending some time with me today! Hope you had fun!

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Made on Monday! Easter Egg tree!

 Hi Friends! I'm back this Monday with more of Christine's crazy crafts. They are certainly not professionally perfect but I have fun trying my hand making my own decorations.

I have had this large ball jar for years and thought rather than buying a new glass  cloche (which I have been checking out!) I thought I'd save some money and make the jar do instead!
 This is simple though fiddly. I made a little tree from twigs to fit in the jar and then glued miniature eggs onto the branches.  To cover the base of the jar, I pushed some spanish moss around it.

 Saw this on pinterest too and put my real birds nest into the wreath for another touch of spring
 And for something even more satisfying the girls made chocolate birds' nests cupcakes!
Sorry they are all gone!!
 Yummmm!! Excuse me while I grab a napkin and lick my fingers!

Thanks for your visit and here's wishing everyone a safe and blessed week!

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God bless

Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday Finish

 Happy Friday and I'm happy to say I finished my latest spring x stitch pillow by Create and Decorate and  you can find the free pattern here.
 The colors are not what I would usually choose and I did substitute some - still it has a spring feel to it - possibly because it has a bunny on it!

There's a wee treat for me this Friday too! I found a pair of vintage sewing scissors and had to splurge!

Been looking for some for ages!! Do you like the design of the handles?? I could seriously start a collection!!!

 Well thanks again for your sweet comments and have a blessed weekend!

Best wishes

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Here we are midweek again and here's a wee update on what I'm stitching at the moment.
And it is another spring themed pattern from Create and Decorate blog. 

But it's still wintery here.
We were out for a walk in between showers and as you can see the trees are still gray and bare

And the river is quite swollen under the wee stone bridge.

Here's a glimpse through the trees at an old whitewashed farmhouse which has been flooded before,
so here's hoping the river goes down before the next cloud burst. 
Can you see the sliver of blue smoke in amongst the branches?

 This is another view of the farmhouse nestled into the valley. it's one of those house I look at and find myself wondering about the lives of those who lived here a hundred years ago...

 I'm sure on a wintery day they were yearning for spring too!

Have a great day no matter!
And thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Spring Journal Freebie design just for you!

 Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend - just as for me, I'm sure all the chocolates are gone!!
My thoughts are on spring and I can hear my dad saying 'You're wishing your life away.' It's true but we have had enough of winter! Time for some warmth and sunshiny days!

So here's a Wee touch of spring in the form of a journal cover.  I got a hard back notebook and cut some cotton fabric to size.

 For spring I sketched out a pot of tulips.  I made sure to place them on the right spot before I appliqued them on.
 And here it is ready for spring must do's and memories!

 So if you want to make one, here's the pattern for you!

Happy Spring!
 Thanks for stopping by and have fun!

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Happy Valentines Day blogging friends!

 Just wanted to share a Friday finish with you - a pouch from a pattern by Robin Bird in the Hand

Here are just a few other pieces on display for LOVE day~

 And here's my sweet love treat for us - my all time favorite chocolate - Cadbury's Creme Eggs!!!!

I' m happy and loved and blessed!

Sending you hugs too!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Freebie Valentine Sheep Pattern Just for Ewe

 It's been a while since I offered a freebie and with Valentine's Day this Friday, here's a special thank you to my best blogging friends.

This is Ewe & Me Sheep pattern that you can make into ornies and shelf sitters or applique onto a pillow... just whatever you can think of!!!

 Feel free to copy and print off this pattern and size it as you wish. 
The trace line is your stitch line and you can paint the face black or change the date.
Please give credit back to me if you use it!

Thank you for following and I hope you enjoy making it

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Saturday, 8 February 2014


 Here's what I've been able to make this weekend! A sweet little bear from a Country Stitches pattern.
Perfect for a little Valentine's decorating as I added a heart and key around his neck. How could you not love it?!!

 Here is another peek at one of my early 'crazy' stump dolls with a heart
 ...and a stack  of homespun hearts all in my Americana display shelf.

Have a great weekend!
Best wishes