Monday, 25 February 2013

Look who hopped in!

 Hello again and welcome! 

Seems like there's more than a hint of spring in the air - see my potted mini daffs!  So pretty and  I'm happy to see them as we dream of spring!  And yes this was my company today!  My newest bunny made from my own pattern and I even got him standing!!! A bit bow legged, but don't let him know - he thinks he's the best bunny in the burrow!  And he's got a carrot to prove it! lol!

Cute little cotton bobtail

His ears are lined with wool
 Every time I look at this picture, I laugh and think of John Wayne just as he's dismounted the horse!

So maybe I should call him Wayne! 

Happy Spring everyone! Glad you hopped in for a visit too! 


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Stitching fun

 It's fun to learn new things and after making up a crazy wool pattern pouch last week, I definitely got the itch to try and learn a few new stitches for future projects.  I am so glad that in primary school, we had sewing lessons twice a week and our teacher taught us how to blanket stitch and chain stitch. They have been so useful but it's time to learn something a bit more advanced and will look pretty.  There are lots of tutorials on youtube etc but I want to share just one site that is great for learning new stitches.  the diagrams are excellent and so easy to follow.  It's called and click on hand embroidery.

Feather stitch still needs a bit of practice!!!
Then I tried fly stitch , bit of a shaky start but it is coming!
Fly stitch in a vertical line
 This is fly stitch done in a horizontal line.

And this one appealed to me; it's a double chain stitch and once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy.

I'm off to practice some more - as you can tell I need lots of it but it is enjoyable!
Have a great week and thanks for all your comments
Best wishes

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Whole Lotta Love 14 - HAPPY HEARTS DAY!!


Well it's the last day of Cindi's Whole Lotta Love Chain  - Thank you sooo much Cindi - it's been great!

The sweetest Valentine Angel arrived today just in time from Jean of Prim Crafts who very generously gave away over a dozen to those who commented on her blog.  It smells wonderful as well! THANK YOU, JEAN!

Here are a couple of new prim makes for Valentine's Day - just simple heart love!

A special Valentine gift from a special blog buddy - thanks again Steph!

Some of the pinkeeps and stitcheries I've amassed!

 And today I thought I'd make a new heart garland with old ticking and rusty tin ~
 I got these heart photo frames some time ago and they're perfect for little cross stitch freebies - this one from Nan of Threadwork Primitives and the second is from Sub- Rosa
 And my daughter made us red velvet cupcakes with pale pink butter cream frosting - they were sweet!

Wishing you all loads of love as you are special!  Thanks for all your comments and visits!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Whole Lotta Love Day 13 - Prim Crafting

Wow! It's the 13th day of Cindi's chain, Whole Lotta Love and I hope you've been enjoying it as much as me! Thanks Cindi!

  Surprise, surprise!  Bet you couldn't guess I love crafting!!  Seriously, I need to get some stitching therapy everyday! 

I've been trying to learn some new stitches. This is my newest pouch in wool from Linda Hall's wonderful pattern and I tried some herringbone stitch and feather stitch though it leaves a lot to be desired!
 Can't get away from the bliss of cross stitching~

It's so much fun to sew a doll and see them take on their own personality.
 I 'll even have a go painting - a free hand checker board

 and 'redware'!!
 I had a go at simple quilting with some homespun scraps and words that say it all...


Thank you all once again for being the best blogging friends!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Whole Lotta Love #12 - All Aglow!

 Thank you so much Cindi for a funfilled fortnight! This Whole Lotta Love Chain is a great idea! Check out Cindi's blog here

I'm all aglow for today's love!  Yes I love candles and sitting in the soft glow of candles, enjoying the sweet scent form them too!

They just create a serene atmosphere and even conjure up a bit of nostalgia for me when I think how people had to live and work in candlelight.
 Mind you, nowadays I can cheat and use an electric 'candle' lamp!  The shadows are great too!
 And then there's battery operated ones in jars or prim sconces~

Even tapers just hanging from a peg!

Some candles that I don't want to use as they're so special!

 Soft glow from a lumpy candle on my shelf~

...and my little lantern down the hall ~ welcome home!

Love them and now I feel all cozy and snug for the evening! 

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!  You are all so great!

Best wishes

Monday, 11 February 2013

Whole Lotta Love #10&11 STAR STRUCK

 Well hello again! After a power outage and internet problems following it I'm back, trying desperately to catch up with everyone's posts, comments and emails.  I'm just resigned to the fact that I've missed a couple of days of the chain.  I now have a greater admiration than ever for anyone who posts on their blog daily! What dedication!

I've lots of pics and will let them do the talking for as you can see I love stars and I love punched tin as well
Love the rusty tin texture and powder blue paint

One of my prim makeovers with stars I punched in!

Wonderful wool sheep and star - doesn't come better than this!

Americana star - more love!