Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Quick little burlap ditty bag idea

Got a left over piece of burlap? Here's a quick and easy little ditty bag I made today with some scraps.
I stitched the burlap into a rectangular bag and turned right side out and folded the top down...

I wanted to add texture so I painted a square of osnaburg and let it dry, but you could use wool or orange colored fabric...

 Then I cut out a pumpkin shape to fit on the front of the bag...

I attached a jute twine handle and then cut out  stem from green felt and a black felt crow.  if you've got strong fabric glue just stick all the pieces down.


And there you have a cheap and easy fall bag into which you can put some fall foliage but here's a cute idea!
I got several twigs and stuck putka pods on the ends!
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  1. I love this and I think I have some burlap too. Where do you get your putka pods? I've looked for them in the stores but I guess I'm looking in the wrong

  2. Hi Christine, what a sweet ditty bag, love it.....looks wonderful hung up, Blessings Francine.

  3. You always have the greatest idea's and make the cutest things Christine.

    I have soooo many ideas that run through my head but SIGHHHHHH never the time or energy to do them


  4. You do always have the great ideas and you are so talented! This is so cute, I think I might actually try it this weekend! Love you!
    Be blessed,

  5. Love your ditty bag, thanks for sharing. Lecia

  6. How cool.
    SO easy too.
    Great job.
    Woolie Blessings

  7. Oh I do have some scrap burlap pieces... Love this little project! A ditty bag - cool name! Thanks for sharing. Now if I can only find some pretty fillers like yours ;-) Have a Happy day!

  8. You made that of all of the things I love. Burlap and orange pumpkins and a little crow. It looks so easy to make and I have tons of leftover burlap. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the rustic effect and the color or the pumpkin. I may need to learn to paint! lol Happy Fall!

  10. So beautiful! And so easy! :o) Great idea!


  11. This is wonderful, I love the crow!

  12. Girl! You are churning out the fab ideas. I may use this for a fall craft for my students. I may purchase the baggies or premake them. 20 kids trying to sew. Scary!


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