Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Whatcha Workin' on

 How did we get to the end of summer holidays, never mind the middle of the week in such a hurry? Even my daughter said these past two months have just sped by faster than ever and she started back to school today.  It's another time of transition and small subtle changes that I find hard to accept in some ways.
But I am so thankful that the Lord has brought us thus far and we are so blessed.

So anyhow, its midweek and I'm just in that befuddled state of having several things on the go and which one to finish????
To make matters worse, I'm trying to do fall AND some Christmas stuff.  I really do love Christmas and couldn't help start this! The wool for the coat is just lovely.

 This is a WIP from last year but I'm determined to finish it before this Dec. 25!!
 And I'm sure you can guess what this is... maybe the color gives it away???
 More light makes it too pale. I mixed some pretty bright orange paint with some dark red and it came out a great pumpkin color.

So that's what I've been working on this Wednesday? 
Hope you have found time to work on some projects too!
I am going to try to post back on Friday with some finishes...we'll see!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Oh, love the pumpkin color, makes me feel cooler ......Blessings Francine.

  2. Oh so fun pumpkin man!!
    I am working on Santa dudes.
    Woolie Hugs

  3. I always enjoy seeing what you are working on. It always makes me happy. I can't wait to see what you have been working on Friday.

  4. lovin' the pumpkin person already!

  5. Aww sweet pumpkin fellow..I love him
    Fall hugs to you dear x

  6. I am overwhelmed by cute stuff!!!! Awww!!!! I am going to try to start the stitchery I have and some other little projects this weekend! If my room is done before then...

    Love and hugs, dear friend! Thank you for help on my hutch!!!!


  7. Good Morning Christine :-) I love all the things you are working on, the little Christmas dress and coat is beautiful! I agree, the months are just speeding by.. We are making some adjustments with the school schedule again and I must say, I am not enjoying them.. Wish I could just keep them home with me:-) Hopefully when things settle down a little I can get my crafts back out again :-)

  8. Love your pumpkin fella :)

  9. Hello, I have far too many projects on the go right now and them I'm trying to do a Handmade Christmas for all of our family (just buying for my children) so there is lots to do. I love looking at your craft work, its always lovely.

    Sarah x

  10. I haven't worked on anything since last weekend. All week long, I get home from work and once dinner is out of the way my energy is nowhere to be found

  11. It looks like you are having fun over there! I was wondering today where Summer went...I went back to school last week...I love the Fall favorite season. Have a great day!!

  12. I know I'm going to like the pumpkin man!

  13. I agree, Christine that Summer has just flown by.. How smart of you to get at your stitching.. You are such a talented girl..
    Take care, dear heart..

  14. Fall and Christmas are the best times of the year for crafting. I've been working on things for the house but I can't wait to make something for Fall! I love that little bag with the candy cane and ginger in your sidebar! Sweet hugs!

  15. You amaze me girl...just so talented! I LOVE the Christmas things! I know what you mean about time going by so seems amazing to me that my little nephew is 6 months old already...WOW!!
    I have to say again that I am so happy you are back blogging! Love you!
    Be blessed,

  16. What a darling Santa's coat! and Mr. Pumpkin is looking mighty cute too!
    Yes, time seems to be going way to fast as the yrs. go by!
    Hope your kiddos have a great school yr!


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