Friday, 23 August 2013

Emerald Isle Views

 It's been a lovely last week for us all to be together before school starts back next week.
The weather has been fair so we've been trying to have little trips and fun times together before summer is officially over.

I thought you might like to see where we went on one of our trips this week although please excuse my poor photographs and the hazy weather that day!

We headed along the County Down coast to the ancient ruins of Dundrum Castle built around 1210.
These are the ruins of the Norman fort~

 This is the Keep, the stronghold and highest vantage point of the castle. It is amazing in construction as it is circular. Back then there were no cranes and machines to hoist stones etc. A real feat of engineering without engines!
Even  the narrow spiral staircase was still intact over four stories -

 The views were gorgeous apart from the haze hanging over the bay and valleys.
Typical County Down farmland, fields all marked out by hawthorn hedges.
 Gently rolling drumlins and a patchwork of green

Just managed a few quick cross stitch freebies to keep my hand in the way of it! This Locks and Keys freebie is by  and the Oct 31 is from Aunt Polly's Attic.

You can see why I like it! It has a wee owl in it! I've been seeing them in my sleep recently!

I'm so thankful for everyone who comes for a visit and thank you for all your lovley comments!
Until next time,
Best wishes


  1. My sister just returned from a trip to Ireland. She loves it there and hopes to return one day.
    I want to come with her if she does.
    Beautiful pics!

  2. What amazing scenery and views. I love seeing your photos! Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  3. Simply beautiful Christine! can't wait to come see it in person some day!! :))


  4. Breathtaking scenery! Like a postcard! Love that oct 31st stitch picture! Maggie

  5. Ireland looks so lovely. I love the hedgerow fences. Thanks for sharing. love your stitcheries too.


  6. Oh how I would love to see the castle and the view, so very breath taking! I always hated the going back to school when summer ended, it always came too soon for me. The kids here have been back in school a week ago yesterday. They start them back on Thursdays now to give them 2 days to adjust before a full week begins. I hope all goes well for the coming school year for you all. I love your cross stitch, the red one and the little owl esp.!

  7. Have never been to Ireland, but it looks so lovely! Am I allowed ;-) to say that it reminds me of Scotland? I have been there before :-).


  8. Beautiful sights...thanks so much for sharing.
    I like your stitching too. The keys are cute!

  9. Beautiful place...and sweet stitches.
    Big hugs x

  10. sounds like a fun trip and what a gorgeous view. I like your stitching projects, owls are a big thing these days

  11. What are you on about.... :-) AMAZING PHOTO'S. I've really enjoyed reading and looking Christine... good to see you again by the way :-) X X X

  12. Thanks for taking me along.
    Would so love to visit such a beautiful place.
    Woolie Blessings Friend

  13. What an amazing trip! Take me along next time, won't you?


    Harvest Lane Cottage
    Missouri, U.S.A.

  14. Hi Christine! Gorgeous pics! I've always dreamed of visiting Ireland....many in my high school senior class took a trip there years ago. What a blessing to live in a land with such a long history!...Jan

  15. Wow! Dear Freind! Wow! It is breath-taking! To see things so old! And the fields are just like a dream! I so want to visit! Really. Transporter! Someone MAKE IT!!!!

    Cute stitcheries... Always partial to an owl!

    Love and hugs!!!!

  16. Gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for following my blog, I followed back, I look forward to hanging out here. Have a great weekend!


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