Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Thought I'd try a post ...

 Hello?  I don't know if anyone remembers me as it's been so long since I posted. Thought I'd do a little post to try and get back into the way of blogging again.

Most recently we had a wonderful vacation in the USA and traveled from Chicago east to Maryland.  It was a great trip.

We enjoyed the views of Lake Michigan from the Hancock Observatory and then had to stop by Cloud Gate or the giant shiny jelly bean - it's really cool!

 We stayed for a couple of nights on an Amish farm in Lancaster County amidst gorgeous farmland - here are the kids experiencing the life of Amish children - they loved it.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was having the privilege of meeting up with a very special blogging friend, Heather, of The Country Schoolmarm blog. It was too short a visit but one I will treasure. She touched my heart with such precious gifts and the sign 'Kindred Spirits' is so right!  Thank you so much dear friend!

 I have been relaxing with the children so I haven't done much crafting lately - just finished putting together another Americana stitchery kit that I got last year! Needed a frame for it and had to go back to the Country Craft Cupboard in Berlin, Ohio this year!

That's it for now, but maybe I'll post again soon and share some more of my visit and finds along the way!

Hope you'll stop by then too!

Best wishes


  1. Remember you? As Prudence says "we love you to pieces. (o:


  2. Of course we remember you! I'm so glad to hear you've made a wonderful trip. Do you know, I've been to Berlin, OH many times? Doesn't that seem odd to know we've shopped on the same street! (I think there's only one street downtown! heehee!) Have a wonderful week my friend!

  3. Christine,
    It's good to hear from you. I haven't posted lately either. I still enjoy reading my blog friends posts. I live two hours from Lancaster PA. I'm due to make a visit there soon. It's such a nice place to buy prims, antiques, and sewing stuff!

  4. Oh Christine I am so glad you posted I have missed you so much I am glad you got to visit in the States. I wondered where you went. I would pray for you as the Lord brought you to my mind. I am glad it was all good and I can't wait to see your goodies and I am so thankful you got to meet up with Heather. I know now I should have asked her where you were. :) The Lord brought her to my mind one day when I was praying for you but you know I felt odd, about it. Now I should have just asked instead of worry. :)

  5. Oh Friend
    You have surely been missed by us all.
    You've been in my thoughts and prayers.
    Wished I could have seen you when you were here.
    Maybe next time.
    Woolie Hugs

  6. Remember you how could I forget. I've thought of you so often, hoping you all were ok and nothing bad was going on. Please come back to us here in blogland.

    Glad you had a nice time here in our US of A.


  7. So happy you are back ! Missed your blog. Keep blogging please glad you were able to visit the US again.

  8. Yippie!!! I am so happy to see a post from you! Sounds like you had a great trip. How very special that you got to meet Heather and what nice gifts! I do hope you come back and post again soon! Love to you!
    Be blessed,

  9. but of course I remember you. So good to see you this morning. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation.

  10. Glad you had a great trip. Nice to hear from you!

  11. Of course i remember you!
    I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful trip....
    sending you big hugs x

  12. So funny, I have been thinking of you and just today while driving I was thinking how much I missed reading your posts! So lovely to hear about your trip and glad you had a great time. Don't disappear for too long-maybe you will inspire me to get blogging again:)

  13. Sounds like a great vacation! Would be fun to stay at the Amish Farm!

  14. Sounds like fun! My hubby is from the Amish so we visit his family that is still old Amish each year- and he has ALOT of them- :0) What great gifts and how great that you got a chance to meet up with a blog friend!

  15. Hi Christine, so good to hear from you! You could never be forgotten :) So glad you had a nice visit to the US.

  16. Hi Christine :)
    Sooooo glad you're back ...missed you!!
    What a wonderful holiday ..you HAVE to come back and tell us more ...and I'm sure you brought more goodies home too ;)..hehehe
    Welcome Home
    Hugs Wendy x x x

  17. I have wondered what happened to you and Shazy for quite some time now! So glad to see you back on here Christine!!
    Lovely trip to the states again this yr! you have been to my favorite craft shop once again! Looks like fun was had by all!

    Prim hugs,

  18. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday Christine, enjoy the rest of the summer!

  19. Glad you are home safe, dear friend! I am glad you had a good trip. I have missed you on the blog too! But the blessing is that I got to see you personally! It was like old friends picking up where we left off! I enjoyed our time together- look forward to you coming back!!! You are such a sweet friend. Your sweet and gentle spirit was so evident when we met, just as it is on your blog. :)

    I love your pictures from your trip! Ohio sounds awesome! Too bad it was so hot for your Amish stay- not the best weather for "roughing" it. It is much cooler now!

    Love your stitchery!!!

    Hugs and blessings and love, Friend!

  20. Happy you had a good holiday and happy you are back:) -Steph-


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