Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hello - Anna Cole Sampler finished!

 Hello friends!  Sorry I haven't been around blogland much  lately but I've been under the weather - nothing serious but I just couldn't even look at the computer much - my head feels like it would explode with this sinusitis.

But here and there I managed to finish my Anna Cole redwork sampler.It's by Falling Star Primitives. I have the perfect frame for it so I need to get it ironed and framed properly - really looking forward to seeing it up on the wall!
 Here are some sections of it up close

 So glad you came by to cheer me up and I just hope normal service will resume shortly!

Best wishes

Friday, 15 March 2013

Simply Spring # 3 Prim Pillow Pocket & Peg Doll

 Eventually.... it's been a whirlwind of a week for no reason in particular. Maybe it's the weather but I feel unsettled - anyone else feel like that?

Well here's my third little make for simply spring - a prim pillow pocket and (peg) doll.  I used some cream homespun for the pillow which is lightly stuffed - if I could have I would have used sawdust but rag cuts do nicely.
 The little pocket has a childish, naive look and it has some Sweet Annie in it.
 Now old style clothes pins/pegs are not readily found here so I substituted one for a thin cloth 'pin' and simply wrapped it in a spring yellow print and tied a little bonnet on top.  Then secure it in place with some jute and you're done!

 And here's a quick peek at my latest WIP cross stitch - LOVE the bee
 and that it mentions Ohio coz that's where it's from... Would love to go back some day... you just never know I might make it back over the pond...I'll dream on ...

Thank you for stopping by - you're fun company!
Happy weekend, friends!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Simply Spring idea #2

 Hope you are having a happy Saturday!  I'm having fun crafting some more Spring things!

Here's a messy fun idea for decorating eggs - now I like pastel colors but not so much in my prim decorating.

That's why I love the simplicity of these eggs wrapped in jute - it's messy but just what I wanted! I got the idea from My Desert Cottage - it's a great tutorial - just click here to go to it. It is under Tutorials.

Some just in a bowl with my sweet woolie peeps!

How about some adorned with some wee buttons? Cute!
 But I really wanted to make a spring egg and bunny garland.  I have to admit this was a real pain to make!
I very nearly gave up it was so tricky trying to hold the eggs in place.  Eventually - and I know it's not perfect but I got them to hold in the wire.

 Here's Buster the bunny - all wired up you might say!

Well that's all for today folks and I hope to be back early next week to share another quick idea.
Thanks so much for your words of encouragement - you are all so sweet!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Treat Day!

 Today was a day for treats!
 A day that was really sweet!
A day filled with woolie love and joy!
A special gift from dear Granny Trace!
You know how big her heart is!
Ophelia, Oscar and Ethel my new woolie peeps!
I love them!
Thank you sweet friend!
And the extras too - buttons and WOOL!

 And then....
Hubby came home from a trip to London with...
(They can't be found in Northern Ireland)
My chocolate cravings were well and truly satisfied!

But  I promise I didn't eat them all by myself!

Thank you all for leaving the nicest comments - you are all great!
So thankful for great blogging friends!
Best wishes

Monday, 4 March 2013

Punchneedle Pouch Done!

 Hi friends! Just popping in real quick to share a finish.  Phew at times it seemed this punchneedle by Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches was going to take me well into summer as progress was slow! But I finished it today Hurray!  And of course it features a bunny and spring blooms - just right to add to spring touches around the house.
 The thing about Country Stitches designs are the finishing details - love the small wool tongues and buttons.

So now it's time this tired mummy hopped it in time to be up with the larks or at least the starlings in the morning!

Many thanks for popping by dear friends!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Simply Spring!

 Happy month of March!  What's the weather like?  It certainly didn't come in like a lion here.  It's been bright and sunny with blue skies; very spring like indeed!

As I'm feeling the joys of spring, I thought I'd do a mini series of sharing some spring decorating ideas - nothing too complicated or new; just repurposing, re-using and sprucing up.  so welcome to the first of 'Simply Spring!'

This is the first of my makeovers.  I have had this tool box/trug languishing in my garage and decided it was time to put it to work.
I had painted it black so in keeping with spring I went with a couple of coats of a pale green paint  - this is it prior to staining.  For the lettering I printed off  'Welcome Spring' in papyrus font and cut them out - a bit tedious, but it worked.
This is how it looks with some teak stain - I used a dry brush method and even wiped over it with a piece of kitchen paper and it gives it a lovely worn look.

Now for the fun part to fill it with a wool bunny and some primroses and greenery in the back.

 Welcome Spring! As easy as that!

Thanks again for your visit and a warm welcome to new followers!
Have a great week!

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