Thursday, 7 February 2013


 Day 7 already of Cindi's Whole lotta love Chain and it's so much fun! Thanks Cindi!

For me Home = Love!  Simple as that!  I love being at home and I'm especially blessed to be at home for my kids every day and to make dinner every evening for my hard working hubby.  To me this is home and love all wrapped up even in the mundane everyday happenings around the home! 

Now I love my home but I'm a bit of a dreamer and always had an interest in interiors and architecture.  My hubby will tell you I'm terrible behind the wheel because I'm so busy looking at the homes along the way!

Here are some of the homes quite close to me that are for sale and I love because of the stonework and quirkiness!
 Too big for my cleaning skills!

This one is a church replica!

But this is where we gather and call home for it is not so much the bricks and mortar but our loved ones that make it a home!

When I came across primitives I noticed how prominent saltbox houses were in pictures and patterns and soon grew to love their shape and history.

When we were fortunate enough to visit Cape Cod MA a few years back, I was so thrilled to take a tour of an original saltbox house in Sandwich, the Hoxie House, this is it below~

It was beautiful inside and out and when I got home I made a wall hanging with a great Scripture text, 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' Joshua 24 . 15  Love a red saltbox house! And a willow there too!
 And here was another stitchery of a saltbox home~

 My home is not all prim - we have to compromise! Not all of us appreciate the beauty of prim decorating!
Not so long ago we modernised our bathroom~

 But you are more than welcome to sit a spell  in my little prim den!  We can chat and enjoy some tea and chocolate of course!

 Home is comfort, love joy, safety, togetherness - not just things but the souls within!
I love home!


  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos, Christine.
    Your home is lovely. (I really like your sink basin!)
    I remember the Hoxie House fondly. I used to live in the town next to Sandwich for many years. I enjoyed living near the Cape very much.
    It felt like you were on vacation every day!

  2. wonderful photos!
    I loved 'the tour"
    the sunlight coming through your windows is terrific.
    I would love to sit and share with you there.

  3. Love your sweet home and so agree that home is where your heart is..
    I can feel the welcome all the way to Canada. smile.. xo

  4. So much fun friend.
    Oh your home is beautiful. So warm cozy and filled with love.
    I so love Home.
    Woolie love

  5. Oh I just love it and I would love to sit in your den with you. It looks so homey and inviting. I am like you in that I think my highest calling is making a home for my loved ones and I do love the cooking and cleaning too. I always call it playing house and I love it.
    Thanks for sharing all of those wonderful photos. I would love to visit there someday.

  6. Your house is beautiful. We love brick and the next home we get is going to be made with it:) It doesn't matter where you live as long as there is love. -Steph-

  7. Lovely post, beautiful home your is true, the love of family makes a house a home.....Blessings FRancine

  8. You have a lovely home Chrisyine. Your den looks very cozy.


  9. What a lovely post! I am with you...home is my haven!

  10. Hi Christine! I am a little behind because I was very ill. I agree, especially now, there is no place like home! Love your house, love the sticheries, you are so so talented! Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  11. super sweet home is my little heaven too :)
    hugs x

  12. Hi Christine!Oh my! I drool over stone homes...that first pic is gorgeous, but a bit too much for my cleaning skill too! Your house is so pretty and so neat--but that's to be expected after seeing how neatly you stitch. We're on the road so much, we hibernate through the winter at just curling up in our own little house!--Jan

  13. What gorgeous houses you showed us Christine, but yours is truly an adorable HOME! LOVE it and all the things you create to make it special!!
    I am very much a HOME-body and have almost become a hermit! :))


  14. I'm a bit of a dreamer about houses too and am constantly checking them out when I'm driving down the road. Your prim den is lovely. I would gladly hang out there with you.

  15. i loved your post! i too love home and everything it stands for. always loved having the children around and cooking for my home has change so much the last few years but its still home and i love it..enjoy your day!


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