Saturday, 2 February 2013

Whole Lotta Love #2 Another side

 Hey dear friends! thanks for taking the time to visit! This is surely a lotta fun!  Thanks to Cindi from Cindi's Country Corner for the Whole Lotta Love chain; I'm really enjoying reading about everyone's special loves!

Now I'm branching out here a bit as I've been thinking over 'love' and what it means.  Love is certainly foe those near and dear to us, even special pets and causes etc.  I looked up the dictionary and liked the definition that it can be a special affection for someone or thing.

Now you know from my blog I love primitives and crafting etc but before I got into this, one of my special affections was reading.  I have loved books from an early age, my mom had to take the book from my hands to get me to come for dinner or do anything!! 

So it was no surprise that one of my best subjects in high school was English Lit and since then I have loved reading historical fiction but of course all these come second to the Bible.

Pilgrim's Progress is a timeless treasure~

A few of the golden oldies~

the little books are beautiful 'gem' editions of Shakespeare's plays - wish I could find more!
 Classic children's fiction and my all time favorites in there, 'Anne of Green Gables' and 'Pride and Prejudice'
 And my growing collection of Amish fiction ~

I have stacks of books in piles all over the place and in  boxes in many corners and cupboards!

There's definitely something to be said for curling up with a good book! Love it!

Thanks again for your company - what are you reading?

Best wishes


  1. Hi Christine. I love to read too. If I find a really good series the family gets put on the back burnner. I have read some of the Amish ones and love them. But, you are right, the scriptures get read first. I love Jane Austin as well:) Oh, now I am in the mood to read........-Steph-

  2. I so love reading too friend.
    Love how a book can take you away.
    Woolie hugs

  3. Evening Christine, I also love to read, always enjoy curling up with a great book....Blessings Francine.

  4. I see Anne!!!!!!!!! Yipppeee!

    I am rereading Sense and Sensibility. I am also plugging away at Little Doritt. It is a challenge, but watching the BBC production first was helpful. I think after Sense and Sensibility, I will reread Emma.

    I love your books and their beautiful covers! We are reading Pilgrim's Progress Book 2 in Chapel each week! Last year it was Book 1!

    Yea! Books! I love them, but I am a SLOW reader...

    Blessings and love, Diana...

  5. Funny you should mention this...but my family is reading Pilgrim's Progress too! (Modern English Edition) I first read it, passed it on to the teen, and now my husband.

    I'm reading a book by Frank Peretti right now as well as one by Ravi Zacharias.

    I'm always torn between the book by my bed or my stitching.

  6. I went years without reading until my husband bought me a kindle and ever since I've been reading a lot. Best part is I haven't spent a dime because I only download free books. I'm so

  7. Hi Christine...I love to read too...just don't have much time for it anymore though. :( When I do read, I love the classics like Jane Eyre and Les Miserables. I was a big reader all through school and would finish a book in a night...sometimes putting off schoolwork.;)---Have a great Sunday!---Jan

  8. I too love to read! I like to go to the library and look for series. I love Amish fiction and my favorite series is the Elm Creek Quilt is really good. Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  9. I don't know how I missed your last couple of posts Christine. I love to read too, but lately, not as much as I used to. Just been to busy w/other things I guess.
    I LOVE my Bible~ first and foremost,and several good Christian authors, like you! There are way too many to mention, but several of the ones you've shown I like too.

    Blessings for a great week,

  10. I also love to read. Amish novels are my latest interest :)

  11. I love the fact that you have books everywhere.. Another thing we have in common.. smile..
    Dare I say that I am tired of Amish books but love history and books about the UK during the war and the settling of Canada..

  12. You are so right my friend, nothing like a good book, and a cup of coffee! Hugs, Lynn

  13. I Once heard reading books takes you to other worlds. Places you may never see in your life time. My daughter has always been a reader. She gets lost in the words. She has learned a lot from her reading. Blessings! Lara


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