Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Whole Lotta Love 5 & 6 Choccy/Woolie Love

 Hi everyone!  Sorry that I missed yesterday's post but blogger wouldn't let me load anything AAARGGHH!
Just let me say I wasn't in love with blogger at all.

What can I say about whole lotta love today?? I LOVE chocolate especially Cadbury's and especially their Creme Eggs .... MMMMMMM!!

A lovely box of chocolates for Valentine's Day never goes amiss!!!
 And chocolate cake for dessert....

 Or Thunder from Down Under my favorite dessert at Outback Steakhouse....
 OK I better stop now before the keyboard seizes with the mouth watering that's going on here!

Now onto Day 6!

My other love is WOOL!  I hadn't come across crafting with wool before I found primitive crafting and it was love at first sight!

There is something so comforting and soothing and heartwarming about working with wool.

Here's my favorite wool pineapple~

 A little piece of woolie work I've just started....

 Look at the tones in this - sigh- so lovely!

 And my bunny love made from an old wool sweater of hubby's!!!

Once again thank you so much for calling in and I love your comments too - you are all so kind!

Best wishes


  1. Oh my woolie love your buns and my fav Cadbury eggs.
    We are good friends who like the same things.
    Woolie hugs

  2. We certainly share those 2 loves, Christine..

  3. I HAD to comment...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cadbury Creme eggs. Oh my goodness! YUMMMM

  4. Hi Christine,
    I love chocolate too!!! All those desserts looked sooo good.
    Love your wool items too!!!

  5. now I want one!
    Of each!!!!!!

  6. Your bunnies are all just perfect! The last one is amazing! I had to skip through the chocolate. I can't eat sugar any more but I used to LOVE Cadbury eggs! I would buy some extras at Easter and freeze them! haha!

  7. Oh my goodness I also soooo LOVE those wonderful crème eggs! I just can't wait for the stores to get them in at spring time, they are my FAV!!! I have found wool the last year and completely am loving working with it! I am starting a new candle mat this week :) I just love your bunny, such personality! Beautiful work! Gonna go hunt down some crème eggs now!!
    Raspberry Willows

  8. You sound like my chocoholic! I find when I eat very rich chocolate I tend to get hot, very weird!
    Love the woolie bunnies:)

  9. Oh Ya, yummy chocolate, sooo good......Your woll creations are so wonderful, the bunnys are adorable, Francine.

  10. okay, so now my keyboard is all wet! Thanks for that! I love your woolie items! You and Trace are on the same wavelength on woolie love!

    Chocolate and wool- both are such comfort! Just like a good friend! ;)


  11. Mmm, those Cadbury creme eggs are a weakness of mine too. And you know I adore wool!

  12. Oooh, love this post, Christine! The bunny is snuggly sweet.

  13. Hi Christine! Mmmmm...Cadbury them....but here's the thing..I have to eat them at home because I always nibble all the chocolate off THEN eat the middle. Messy! After those, I love Dove chocolate eggs. I love your wooly bunnies too...especially the little plaid one!--hugs, Jan

  14. Good thing I am eating more Oreos right now or I would be dying for a choco fix. The creme eggs have been a long time favorite of mine. I bite the tops of and lick all the creme out and then peel the rest of the wrapper off and eat the shell. I love your wool pinapple. I have never actually sewn wool before. Is it very hard? The rabbits are too cute. My favorite is the second one. I just might have to try my hand at creating some wool bunnies for this spring. TFS. -Steph-

  15. aww i love this post so much..from my heart.. The bunny is soooooooo sweet.
    big hugs xx

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  17. Oh my... i really like that bunny in the last pic! So comfortable with his wool coat on! Chocolate is one of my loves too... next time I'm at Outback... I'm going to have to try and save room for the Thunder dessert! Oh YUM!

  18. My mouth is watering looking at all of that yummy chocolate! Love all the wool creations, esp. the bunny. Lecia

  19. Love all your woolie creations and I think I am going into sugar shock from your chocolate post. LOL

  20. Blogger has been giving me fits almost daily lately too!! wahhhhh!
    OOOOOhhhhh, chocolates get me in trouble, but I still love them anyway!
    And you know how I feel about wool by now~same as you!!
    Your bunnies are adorable Christine!


  21. I love the chocolate cake! Blogger gave me a hard time. The template designer wouldn't work, so I had to redesign my blog in html. I'm glad my husband is in IT or I would have been totally lost.


  22. Hello Christine,
    I think I gained a few pounds just looking at all that yummy chocolate goodness! ;-)
    Your bunnies are so cute too.
    Wonderful post.


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