Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Stitching fun

 It's fun to learn new things and after making up a crazy wool pattern pouch last week, I definitely got the itch to try and learn a few new stitches for future projects.  I am so glad that in primary school, we had sewing lessons twice a week and our teacher taught us how to blanket stitch and chain stitch. They have been so useful but it's time to learn something a bit more advanced and will look pretty.  There are lots of tutorials on youtube etc but I want to share just one site that is great for learning new stitches.  the diagrams are excellent and so easy to follow.  It's called embroidery.rocksea.org and click on hand embroidery.

Feather stitch still needs a bit of practice!!!
Then I tried fly stitch , bit of a shaky start but it is coming!
Fly stitch in a vertical line
 This is fly stitch done in a horizontal line.

And this one appealed to me; it's a double chain stitch and once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy.

I'm off to practice some more - as you can tell I need lots of it but it is enjoyable!
Have a great week and thanks for all your comments
Best wishes


  1. Lookin good!! Have a great day!!

  2. They are very pretty stitches..I love doing them too.
    Love for you x

  3. It is so good to learn new things.. Thank you for the share.. Hugs Angi X

  4. Like the wooly pouch! It's been a long time since I have used anything but the most basic of embroidery stitches. I had never seen the horizontal fly stitch. Very nice.

  5. What a cute bag! I love to blanket stitch - I could just sit and do it all day - it must be relaxing? ~Ann

  6. Hi Christine, I love that sweet prim bag, looks so cute.....Keep on stitching, Francine.

  7. Love it.
    Your stitches look wonderful to me
    Woolie love

  8. that sounds like a website I need to visit. My stitching needs a lot of practice.

  9. They all look good to me Christine, unless I have those lovely little Aida squares my stitches are all over the place! Can't wait to see what you create with your new stitches next and thanks for the link to that website! Deb

  10. Love how your pouch turned out! It's always good to learn new stitches.

    Blessings, Jessica

  11. I've been to that site too Christine. I thought it looked easy until I tried a lazy daisy stitch. It didn't come out too bad but definitely need to practice.

    You my friend are doing great. Keep up the good work.


  12. You won't give yourself credit so I will. Your stitching is great. Way to go. I hope to learn more than the blanket stitch some time. My sight needs some specks. That would be a big help and better use of the hands. I had no idea stitching could be found on U tube.
    Thanks for sharing & Blessings! Lara

  13. Hi Christine! Love your little pouch...it reminded me of a crazy quilt mom had...haven't thought of that for ages! I wonder if my brother still has it somewhere in the house? My favorite has always been the feather stitch...I once did a stitchery of "The Peaceable Kingdom" that taught so many of the different stitches. I don't remember many of them now---yours look great! :) --Jan

  14. Oh goodness Christine your stitches look great to me! You are just going to become a master stitcher! Thanks fir sharing sweetie!
    Be blessed,

  15. My stitching needs months of practice!! I had stitch lessons in elementary school, but I wasn't ready for it back than. I made my stitches super small and it stressed me out :-).


  16. Cute pouch - I see so many items made with the Feather stitch...never tried it myself though...oh that double chain...not sure if I could grasp that one.

  17. Love the pouch Christine!Thanks for the info on the stitches,I've been wanting to try those.Hugs,Jen

  18. Stitching is great therapy:) It's fun too. Your's looks great!!! I like the fly stitch. It looks fun. Know how to stich little girls mouths quiet for a second? Ha ha -Steph-

  19. Looks like you are mastering it quite well Christine! I just recently taught myself the feather stitch and it was a lot of fun!

    Happy stitching!

  20. Your wool pouch is lovely. So prim! :O)

    I have been trying to learn new stitches lately too. Thank goodness for my fellow bloggers and Pinterest!

  21. Hi Christine
    Thanks for the post on my blog. I joined your blog and I also added you to my list of blogs. I was wondering if you want to do a blog exchange. I added your and her is the link to add mine if you would like
    Link: http://heritagehomesteaddecor.blogspot.ca/
    Thanks again Christine!
    Your stitching is beautiful!

  22. Your stitches are wonderful! I tried to do the you tube feather stitch one the other week. Yeah. I couldn't do it! I will persevere! The sun will come out tomorrow. Well, no, snow is, but maybe stitching success too! (Notice the Annie reference? Hee heee!)

    Love and hugs! Off to catch up with more of your posts!


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