Saturday, 29 December 2012

From Ohio to Belfast Northern Ireland A Christmas Special

 I have seen several flash mobs in the US, but here's one from Northern Ireland and it's not half bad!

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


 Hope Santa finds his way to you tonight - he's got a sack full of gifts for those on his nice list!!!

I just made this snowman pouch and some big candy canes for it!
 So to all my dear blogging friends and readers, I wish you a very merry Christmas filled with love and laughter and family and friends to cheer your home and heart!

But best of all, make room in your heart for the Savior, who was born for our salvation; born to die for our sins that we might live forever if we swing the heart's door widely open.

It is truly the best Christmas gift ever!

God bless this DEC 25!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Burlap Finale! Winner!!!

 Woohoo just one week to go! And I'm back to announce the winner of the burlap series.
First of all


As was fitting, I made a little sack from burlap and put all 152 names in it and asked my 13 y.o. to do the honors.....
 And the winner is....

LAVENDER DREAMER!  Congratulations and thanks for all your wonderful comments!

Please email me with your details asap.

This was so much fun and I hope to do something like this again sometime.
Once again thank you all !
Best wishes

Friday, 14 December 2012

Fifth & Final Burlap Christmas Makedo - Meet Rupert

 Welcome one and all to my fifth and final burlap makedo for Christmas and as you can see, it's a biggie!

This is Rupert the burlap reindeer, with twiggy antlers and legs (which are not too steady!!) but here he is just finished and finding his balance!  Just copy the basic shape of the reindeer if you wish to make one!
 His ears are glued on after pinching them and as you can see I used buttons for eyes and felt for his muzzle.
 Hasn't he got the cutest, most innocent face?!!

He has taken up watch under the Christmas tree waiting for Santa's arrival, so the kids had better be nice!!
 He also put on a wreath collar -just to look the part!
 Waiting patiently...

It's nearly time...

So please leave a comment and you can be entered in my giveaway .

I'll leave it open until Monday night and draw the winner's name on Tuesday!

Thanks to all who have supported this series and I really hope you have enjoyed them as much as me!
It's been great meeting new bloggers also - thanks for getting in touch!
Don't hesitate to  email me if there's anything regarding these that you'd like to ask.

Best wishes for a wonderful festive season!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Burlap Tutorial #4 Star Makedo - Remember my giveaway!

 Welcome back! - so glad you can join me for the next burlap project for Christmas - a star makedo.
And again I was able to use red ticking - just perfect for Christmas primitives in my eyes!

The star makedo below was one I bought when we visited picturesque Occocquan, VA, in the summer and it was my inspiration for this project.
 Once again you'll need burlap!!! and ticking or fabric of your choice in a strip about 2" wide.
A wooden bobbin or candle holder or even a thick piece of branch.
A piece of grunged muslin or osnaburg and some rusty bells and cheesecloth.

Trace the star template on card stock and cut out.
Trace around the template onto 2 layers of burlap.  Do not cut out yet!  Sew on the trace line using strong thread and stitch close together.
When you've stitched around the star, leaving an opening for turning and the bobbin/spindle, cut out star shape leaving about a quarter of an inch seam allowance.

 Turn right side out like the one below~
 Once you've stuffed it firmly, especially down the 'legs', take the strip of ticking so that it makes a kind of sash around the star diagonally and sew into place.

 Now print Merry Christmas or similar, onto the osnaburg and glue onto the ticking.

Attach the rusty bells to the points of your star
Now fix the star onto your wooden spindle - you may need to stitch it shut and even glue it and tie some stained cheesecloth around it and add a large bell.
 It was still looking a bit bare at this stage so I decided to add a strip of green homespun around the base and tuck in some red pipberry for good cheer"
 So there you have it - a new burlap Christmas star to add to your decor!

Now don't forget that each comment on each tutorial gives you an entry in my giveaway so please join in!

Just click here to go to the giveaway page and first tutorial.
Thanks to each one who has commented so far and I hope to see some of your creations soon!

Best wishes

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Burlap Tutorial #3 A CHRISTMAS TREE!

 Remember this?  My homespun raggy tree!  I thought I could update it with a burlap tree tutorial! And if you want to make a homespun raggy tree just click on the link on my sidebar.

I hope you're playing along  because don't forget my giveaway that runs alongside this. See previous posts.
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But here we go with the burlap tree tutorial~

Here's what you need:
Florist/ Styrofoam cone - but not the florist type that you soak in water
Strips of burlap no wider than 1"
Glue - I found using a hot glue gun much more effective and quicker
Bases for the trees such as bobbins or candle cup holders
Rusty stars, bells, strips of ticking etc to adorn the tree.
 Step 1~ Starting from the base of the cone apply a stripe of glue like so~
 Take your first strip of burlap, making sure it is long enough to go all the way around once with a bit of an overlap and glue down firmly - don't worry about a few puckers, just glue down as the next strip will cover it.
 Keep adding strip by strip and make sure to keep the joints/overlaps at the back in a line.
 Now you're at the top, make the last short strip rise over the top of the cone to cover it.
 Next glue on a rusty star and the base you are using.  It looks pretty sweet already, dontcha think!
 Now we're ready for the decorations to go on the tree and this is so much fun because you can add on anything you can think of!!!  I used a rusty bell garland for this simple, prim tree!

 But how about this for a pretty idea - take strips of red and white ticking, not too wide but long enough to go around the tree.
 FIRMLY twist the ticking like this~
 Then glue in strands around the tree and trim off any excess fabric/threads and TAH DAH!!
 I have to say I really love this and it reminds me of candy canes!

So there you have it and I hope someone will be inspired to make some!  Remember if you do post about it you receive an extra entry into my giveaway!