Monday, 30 January 2012

Heart to Heart

A hearty welcome this cold January day! I've finished some Valentine's hearts and hung some itty bitty homespun hearts on this little tree I made at Christmas but kept out for now~

The little Valentine cross stitch pillow was a freebie from Primitive Betty's which I did last year.

This heart shaped pillow was a quick make and I couldn't resist a bit of humor in the saying as if a schoolgirl made the spelling mistake and didn't realise the difference bears/bares makes!

this red woolfelt makedo heart is so prim with the stenciled letters on osnaburg~
This Cupid is made from tea stained cotton and he has a key necklace and is holding a heart -

I wanted to share this beautifully stitched pinkeep from my free pattern which Cathi shared with me. Thanks so much Cathi, it's so pretty the way you finished it!
Well after battling all evening with blogger, I'm calling it a day!
But thanks to all who visit and leave a comment - they bring lots of cheer this wintry weather!
Best wishes

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fun Read


I've had my nose stuck in this book all week so I've no stitching to share, sadly but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My SIL let me borrow it and I've been lost to the 21st century this week to be immersed in pioneer times in America. I love historical novels and romances - my excuse is it might be entitled' A Log Cabin Christmas', but it's almost Feb 14 and we love some romance in the air!

So if you love Little House on the Prairie etc and you want a fun , light but uplifting read, I can recommend this collection of short stories.

I just want to give you all a smile this weekend by quoting some of the funny children's sayings from the first story in the book - but don't worry, I won't give the story away!
Remember it's set at Christmas time so the children have been asked to relate something from the Christmas nativity.

Miss Parker's class 1885~

By Priscilla, age 8: When Jesus was born, Mary wrapped him in swatting clothes because of all the flies in the stable.

By Casey, age 7: Jesus had twelve opossums, which went out into the world to preach.
Our opossum just hangs from the tree in the back yard.

By Charles, age 6: After Jesus was born, the sky was filled with heavenly holes.

By Robert, age 8: The three wise men brought Jesus Francis and mirth for his birthday, but he really wanted tin soldiers.

George age 6: When God said there should be peace on earth, I don't think he meant us to eat them.

Don't kids say the funniest things?
I enjoyed them and hope you do too!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

First finish and a Question

It's only taken me to Jan. 21st but eventually I got needle and thread to connect and this is what I stitched up this week.

It was a freebie pattern and as I printed it off a year ago, I'm sorry for not being able to tell you where it comes from, apart from on my printout it says 'dessine par Maryse'.

Update: I thought I better do a bit of research via google and sure enough I found the link to Maryse's wonderful stitching blog and all the free charts she has posted so here's the link:
click here

It was definitely an exercise in patience! as I spent quite a bit of time ripping out to start again!
I thought I'd make it into a heart shaped hanging pillow. If you're interested in buying this it is for sale priced £7.00.

I got a great surprise this week when I found out I was the lucky winner of Stephani's 'Friendly' giveaway on her blog Front Porch Primitives which you should to visit! This is what I am so excited to have won, made by Steph's own hands! So precious, thanks Steph!

One of the things I'm turning over in my mind this year is whether or not to keep 2 blogs on the go and just sell anything I get time to make from this blog as it is the main one? Any thoughts or input would be great.

But my most important question relates to another issue I've been deliberating on... I don't know if I have the nerve - some might say the audacity - to sell some patterns for cross stitch and other makedo's.

Sooooo, what I'd really love to know is whether or not anyone would be interested and what kind of a price for patterns do you think is reasonable?

I must also thank each of you who left a comment on my last post to wish us well and pray for us. In some instances in life we need to learn afresh that we are powerless but that God has promised never to leave us or forsake us. I have been comforted by just a two word phrase:
'God knows'. There are the diamond mines of God, if we meditate on them!
Thanks again for your company!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, 13 January 2012


Hello blogging pals and a belated Happy New Year to you.

Apologies for not visiting for a while but...
I've been needing a blog break - there are lots of things going on at home and in my family but I am just leaving these things with the Lord.

I haven't even had much of an inclination to stitch ... :-(
These are two snow guys I did before the New Year...

I hope I will be able to manage some blogging time in the near future but in the mean time you are in my thoughts.

Best wishes