Friday, 7 December 2012

Burlap Tutorial #4 Star Makedo - Remember my giveaway!

 Welcome back! - so glad you can join me for the next burlap project for Christmas - a star makedo.
And again I was able to use red ticking - just perfect for Christmas primitives in my eyes!

The star makedo below was one I bought when we visited picturesque Occocquan, VA, in the summer and it was my inspiration for this project.
 Once again you'll need burlap!!! and ticking or fabric of your choice in a strip about 2" wide.
A wooden bobbin or candle holder or even a thick piece of branch.
A piece of grunged muslin or osnaburg and some rusty bells and cheesecloth.

Trace the star template on card stock and cut out.
Trace around the template onto 2 layers of burlap.  Do not cut out yet!  Sew on the trace line using strong thread and stitch close together.
When you've stitched around the star, leaving an opening for turning and the bobbin/spindle, cut out star shape leaving about a quarter of an inch seam allowance.

 Turn right side out like the one below~
 Once you've stuffed it firmly, especially down the 'legs', take the strip of ticking so that it makes a kind of sash around the star diagonally and sew into place.

 Now print Merry Christmas or similar, onto the osnaburg and glue onto the ticking.

Attach the rusty bells to the points of your star
Now fix the star onto your wooden spindle - you may need to stitch it shut and even glue it and tie some stained cheesecloth around it and add a large bell.
 It was still looking a bit bare at this stage so I decided to add a strip of green homespun around the base and tuck in some red pipberry for good cheer"
 So there you have it - a new burlap Christmas star to add to your decor!

Now don't forget that each comment on each tutorial gives you an entry in my giveaway so please join in!

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Thanks to each one who has commented so far and I hope to see some of your creations soon!

Best wishes


  1. Oh Christine how adorable! I have loved everything you have done and thank you so much for doing this! You are so talented! I looked for red ticking today but couldn't find any, I am going to have to go to a bigger store. Thanks again for all of these fun and festive things!
    Be blessed,

  2. I love the star! stars are my favorite, I used to make a new one every year, it might be time I restarted my tradition! thanks for posting!

  3. I so love all the ideas with burlap.
    Great star.
    Have a wonderful weekend..
    Woolie Love

  4. Love the star, looks so prim., thanks for sharing..........Sweet Header picture......Blessings Francine.

  5. I like yours better. Especially with the bells on the corners. Too cute Christine. How did you print the script on the fabric? As before, I will post this one on my sidebar as well. -Steph-

  6. I just had a panic attack thinking I have no burlap source in my small town. SURELY there is some..somewhere!

  7. I think I have burlap somewhere in my craft room! I think the star is adorable and your decorating was perfect. Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. Really cute, love the addition of the pip berries! Thanks for sharing:)

  9. Oh, man! I have one bit of burlap left! Now I have to choose! You are so creative! I love the tutorials! You are too sweet, dear friend! What a great teacher you are!!!!

    Blessings, love, and hugs!!!!!

  10. I so love all the ideas with
    burlap.Thanks for the tutorial.

    thank you,

  11. This is really nice. I like all the extras you added to yours. It looks very festive

  12. Great tutorial! I'm so glad you had a good time in Occoquan...I'm already looking forward to next June when we go back. (also making a list of what I want) ;) Your version looks just as nice as the original.---Jan

  13. Great project. I love it, and doesn't ticking make everything better!

  14. Christine, this is fantastic. I am obsessed with stars and will be adding this to my to do list that is growing longer with each passing day!

  15. It is so cute..I love stars so much
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  16. Hi Christine.. Just love this one.. Burlap seems to be a fav of mine too.. Angi X

  17. Hi Christine, how funny, I have just been cutting out three stars this afternoon-2 burlap and 1 with ticking only I used brown:)
    Love burlap, love stars and love ticking-perfect combination. Love the pip berry finish:)
    Have a great weekend x

  18. Another great project.Not sure which I like best so Blessings!~Amy

  19. Wow Christine, You just keep coming up w/more and more cute and darling ideas! Love the star!!


  20. Another fun project! Thanks for sharing...I'm getting so many great ideas for bits and pieces of fabric that I have. I've never worked with burlap before!

  21. I'm having more inspiration these days. It's because of Christmas. I sense you have the same thing: you're so productive and creative with this serie! Great tutorial again.


  22. Very cute! What a fun project that will be...I am going to have to try that when I get some time!! I love your tutorials!!

  23. so cute ! I love this ! thanks for tuto

  24. This star is just too cute. Thank you for sharing how to make it.

  25. What a lovely star! I love especially the bells! :o)



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