Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Burlap Tutorial #3 A CHRISTMAS TREE!

 Remember this?  My homespun raggy tree!  I thought I could update it with a burlap tree tutorial! And if you want to make a homespun raggy tree just click on the link on my sidebar.

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But here we go with the burlap tree tutorial~

Here's what you need:
Florist/ Styrofoam cone - but not the florist type that you soak in water
Strips of burlap no wider than 1"
Glue - I found using a hot glue gun much more effective and quicker
Bases for the trees such as bobbins or candle cup holders
Rusty stars, bells, strips of ticking etc to adorn the tree.
 Step 1~ Starting from the base of the cone apply a stripe of glue like so~
 Take your first strip of burlap, making sure it is long enough to go all the way around once with a bit of an overlap and glue down firmly - don't worry about a few puckers, just glue down as the next strip will cover it.
 Keep adding strip by strip and make sure to keep the joints/overlaps at the back in a line.
 Now you're at the top, make the last short strip rise over the top of the cone to cover it.
 Next glue on a rusty star and the base you are using.  It looks pretty sweet already, dontcha think!
 Now we're ready for the decorations to go on the tree and this is so much fun because you can add on anything you can think of!!!  I used a rusty bell garland for this simple, prim tree!

 But how about this for a pretty idea - take strips of red and white ticking, not too wide but long enough to go around the tree.
 FIRMLY twist the ticking like this~
 Then glue in strands around the tree and trim off any excess fabric/threads and TAH DAH!!
 I have to say I really love this and it reminds me of candy canes!

So there you have it and I hope someone will be inspired to make some!  Remember if you do post about it you receive an extra entry into my giveaway!


  1. WOW!!! I LOVE this burlap tree! YOU are amazing!! :-D I think I love the plain with rusty bells (I have those!) the best, but I also have some dark red homespun fabric that would look great too! So many options - it's wonderful!!! :-D

    You are my primitive burlap Queen! :-D I am going to link this to my APP forum, if that's ok.....they would love this too!!!

    Thank you for sharing your brilliance! ;-D

  2. What a wonderful idea. I was wondering how these were made. Thanks for the tutorial! Posting to my sidebar!


  3. What a cute tree! I love this tutorial!!


  4. This is so cute Christine and I have the perfect spools to put the foam onto. Been looking for something more prim and easy. TFS.


  5. Love this!! Just went to the Dollar store yesterday and saw some styrofoam cones, I stood there and thought, what could I do with these....now I know! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  6. Hi, Christine,
    That burlap tree it really cute and prim, but, like most things, I imagine my kittens would ruin it. I was looking at the deer cupboard tuck on the little black cupboard, is that your design? I would love to stitch that.


  7. It's fun and cute. the rusty garland sure adds the perfect touch! Hugs!

  8. You sure are coming up with some great tutorials. The burlap tree is great but I have trouble working with burlap...allergies I guess--I sneeze and sneeze. What I love are the stitched tucks of Santa and the reindeer--and that awesome drawered cubby! I do think the twisted ticking adds the perfect touch to the tree---Jan

  9. I love both your trees, the homespun and the burlap. The red and white ticking really looks great on it and you're right, it does makes you think of a candy cane

  10. Such a cute tree :) I love it x

  11. These are just wonderful! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. OH that is so cute. I love your other one too. Now off to find your link. Thank you Christine.

  13. Dear Christine!
    I posted a link on my blog my dear! These tutorials rock! I am going to try to do one of them this weekend as a reward for completing report cards. These are awesome tutorials-I can't decide if I like it better with the ticking or stars... Hmmmm... I got the spools and burlap. Or maybe the candle project... Or maybe both.

    Hope you are having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Blessings, Dear!

  14. Hi Christine..Love the tree but I think the raggy one is my fave.. As I have always said you are one talented chickee.. smile..

  15. Oh my goodness that is tooo cute.
    I have some burlap too.
    Thanks for sharing
    Woolie HUGS


  16. Christine, I have always loved that tree. In fact is was one of the first prim pictures of Christmas I had ever seen. I didn't know then, of course, that it belonged to you. Nor that you would become such a great blogging friend. I look upon this picture with fondness because of that.
    Thanks for the tutorial. I will post this one on my sidebar as well.
    Take care. -Steph-

  17. Oh Christine the burlap tree is just too cute. I love the little bell garland around it. this is just so much fun! Thanks for sharing everything you talented gal you! Can't wait for the next thing!
    Be blessed friend!

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  19. What a charming project! Oh yes...I'm thinking gifts to make...

  20. Hi sweet Christine! Your tutorial is wonderful! You did a beautiful job. Thank you for sharing! I hope you are enjoying a lovely Christmas season! Love, Paula xoxo

  21. This is absolutely a winner! Actually both the trees. And the burlap tree looks great on the red shutter. I love your serie of tutorials.


  22. This is so beautiful!!! Could I please share it on my "other" blog Daily Dish? With a link back to you, of course! :)

  23. Love these little trees. I shared them on my blog today linking to you. Cannot figure out the sidebar thing but maybe by the end of today I will figure that out.

  24. nice tree and i loved it.thank you for your tutorial, i hope i will get benefited through your material


  25. the ticking really sets this off, I thought at first, brown tree,,hhhuuummm.., but you know it does grow on you, just love it!

  26. I LOVE the red/white ticking! It certainly adds to the tree!
    Another great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I don't know how I missed this post but somehow I did~your tree is just too cute and I love the idea of adding the ticking, but esp. the rusty bells garland!!


  28. This is adoreable! Thank you for sharing the how to!

  29. Just awesome! It is sooo simple and looks so great! Wonderful! This tree is really cute!



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