Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Shower room makeover

Well it's been a while since I mentioned that our shower room was undergoing a makeover.  And at long last I got around to taking a few photos of it now that it is finished.  It's just lovely to walk into and use a bright fresh and clean bathroom again!

Now it is not prim in style at all as my husband has more of a modern style taste but we both agreed this was a good look for a small, compact room.

It has great storage, something I always seem to need more of and I can hide those extra loo rolls out of sight too! Not to mention all that dirty laundry. P-)

 The doors are walnut colored veneer and we went with an aqua/blue small tile inlay which is also in a vertical strip in the shower cubicle (it is opposite the wash hand basin).

I can breath a sigh of relief now and tick another job done.

It's crazy, though - no sooner have you one job done but several dozen more suddenly pop out of nowhere!
We've had one thing after another, with the washing machine leaking all over the place and needing replaced and then my hubby's car breaking down and needing replaced and then damage to our roof which needs repaired and so I could go on!  Oh the joys of being a homeowner!  Well at least we've still GOT the roof over our heads!! When I think of the devastation so many face after Sandy I'm thankful for all that we do have - we are blessed.

Glad you stopped by and thanks for leaving such sweet comments!


  1. hello deary, it is really looking so lovely...
    very pretty..well done.
    have a lovely week,
    love cucki x

  2. Your bathroom is lovely.My bathroom is the only not prim room in the house as well.I think clean and modern is right for that room.The colors you picked are great.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. I like the tile inlay!! We have a bathroom that looks Maroccan, the tiles, accessories, so not prim or country at all!!


  4. Love your bathroom! The tile inlay is so pretty. It does seem a homeowners work is never done :(

  5. It looks so nice. I am so glad you finally posted a picture of all of the hard work you did.
    Yes, isn't it weird how things happen like that?
    Thank you for posting today.

  6. That sounds like us last year. I hope you get thru the unpleasantness quickly.
    I like the shower room, especially the sink basin.

  7. It looks very nice. I know exactly what you mean by the joys of being a homeowner. It seems like the list of things that need repaired around here never gets any shorter

  8. Greetings Christine.....love the new shower room, looks so clean and bright.....Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, Francine.

  9. Love the new look - very nicely done and the colors are very pretty! Who says every room has to be prim anyway? :))
    I know what you mean about things happening - we've had lots this yr. too and the list goes on and on and on............. Oh well!

    Happy Thanksgiving, even if Ireland doesn't celebrate that holiday!


  10. What a great job friend.
    I love storage and hiding spots.
    Woolie Hugs


  11. Mmmmmm...very pretty! Love the blue and the basin is really nice! What a great job! Have a great Thanksgiving!---Jan

  12. Christine, it is sooo beautiful. I would never come out of the bathroom. I love the blue and the brown:) I like how the sink is. Very cool. Good job. -Steph-

  13. Oh, wow! It is like a spa!!!! It is very relaxing! I love the colors and adore the sink!!! Wooohooo!!!

    Blessings, Dear Friend!


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