Thursday, 29 November 2012

Giveaway and Burlap Idea #2!

 Well, it's time for Burlap Idea #2, but just before we get into that can I just remind you of my giveaway that runs alongside these burlap projects - Anyone can enter as long as you are a follower of my blog - just sign up now if you haven't already! - and for each comment you leave after each project you will receive an entry.
Feature these burlap projects on your sidebar and get another entry and for yet another entry do a post showing your own make of one of the projects. The winner receives the Noel stump doll and Christmas pinkeeps shown~
So please join in!!! I'd love to include you too!
 Right, to get down to business!
Today let's make burlap candle keeps!

  Here's what you need for today's burlap idea - not much apart from some battery operated candles, burlap and needle and thread along with some embellishments like rusty stars, snowflakes, etc.
 Cut out rectangles of burlap according to the size of your candles - you need to make sure your candle is showing above the top of the pocket - I just placed the candle on the burlap and left enough for a seam at the sides and bottom.
 Now take your heavy thread and needle and sew around the base and sides to make a pocket of burlap and turn right side out.
 And voila, you have a little burlap sack to pop a candle into!!  I then turned down the top a little to make it more like a sack.
 Here's the fun part - you can add whatever your imagination comes up with to adorn the front of the pocket.
I stitched on JOY to the muslin and added it to this pocket~
 A rusty star and pip berry with jute to secure it to this one~
 A snowflake to this one and then placed it in an old twiggy wreath  - just love this!

 And when your done place them in your garlands and hang them from the staircase or on the tree!

Isn't that just pretty for Christmas?

So I hope you give it a go and PLEASE show us your burlap candle keeps!  

Best wishes and thanks for joining me!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Burlap & Ticking - Wreath Tutorial

 Burlap and ticking happen to be my two favorite materials right now and with Christmas right around the corner, I have come up with a few ideas for Christmas using them and I'll share the tutorials with you along the way!
And just to make it more fun I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway run along side this.  

Here's how it works:
For any of the projects/tuts you comment about at the end of each post, your name will be entered into the drawing. Each comment counts as another entry.  This means everyone has a chance to enter, BUT:

For a second entry, post about these burlap tutorials on your sidebar with a link back to this blog;

And for a third entry, do a post with a picture of one of the burlap projects in it and let us see your handiwork too! Please make sure to let me know that you do this so that I'll put your name in again and not miss your post!
I'll show you what a couple of the giveaway items are at the end of this post.

Here's what to use:
A styrofoam donut about 8" in diameter
A length of ticking (or any Christmas fabric you like!)
Burlap - the finer the better
glue gun 
jute string
 Firstly cut as long a length of burlap as you can, no more than 2" wide. As pictured below~
Wrap this length of burlap around the foam wreath, slightly overlapping the edges as you go

Next, from another piece of burlap, cut about a dozen leaf shapes, like so~
 Pinch the base of the burlap leaf between your finger and thumb, as below~
 Keep the first one in your 'pinch' and add a second and third leaf doing the same pinch until you have a little cluster~
 Now take your glue gun and position them along the edge of your covered wreath until one side is filled with leaf clusters - if you don't want to glue them on, just use pins to attach them - they will be hidden in the folds.

Now take your ticking fabric and tie into a fairly large bow and stick it on at the bottom of the wreath.
Finally make a hanger from a piece of juts cord and display in your home - they'd look great on chairs backs around the table at Christmas!

And now for the prize:  I'm offering one of my own handmade prairie stump dolls ready for Christmas

 And these two adorable cross stitched pinkeeps I made.

I really hope you like and that you'll join in - the more the merrier! Thanks so much!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Wishing all my blogging friends in the US a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

'Bless the LORD O my soul, and forget not all His benefits' Psalm 103 . 1

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Shower room makeover

Well it's been a while since I mentioned that our shower room was undergoing a makeover.  And at long last I got around to taking a few photos of it now that it is finished.  It's just lovely to walk into and use a bright fresh and clean bathroom again!

Now it is not prim in style at all as my husband has more of a modern style taste but we both agreed this was a good look for a small, compact room.

It has great storage, something I always seem to need more of and I can hide those extra loo rolls out of sight too! Not to mention all that dirty laundry. P-)

 The doors are walnut colored veneer and we went with an aqua/blue small tile inlay which is also in a vertical strip in the shower cubicle (it is opposite the wash hand basin).

I can breath a sigh of relief now and tick another job done.

It's crazy, though - no sooner have you one job done but several dozen more suddenly pop out of nowhere!
We've had one thing after another, with the washing machine leaking all over the place and needing replaced and then my hubby's car breaking down and needing replaced and then damage to our roof which needs repaired and so I could go on!  Oh the joys of being a homeowner!  Well at least we've still GOT the roof over our heads!! When I think of the devastation so many face after Sandy I'm thankful for all that we do have - we are blessed.

Glad you stopped by and thanks for leaving such sweet comments!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Comfort and Joy

 What do you do when the going gets tough and you need a break?

I confess that I do comfort eat and bake cakes - well my excuse for these yummy banana choc chip muffins is that the bananas needed using up and a little bit of chocolate helps the mix? Right? There are only 2 left out of a dozen and my son and I are the only 2 in the house eating them.... 

But on the downside - or pehaps for the better, considering the sugar content - the new flapjack recipe I tried was a flop and didn't set. Too crumbly and not sticky.

But back to my first thought of seeking comfort.  You know that I love stitchin' therapy too - it just relaxes me and allows me to work through things in my head as I methodically stitch a pattern.  The top pic shows my finished JOY x stitch by Brenda Gervais - it is a joy to look at! Gets me right in the mood for Christmas!

But the best source of comfort for any one tried and tested is the Bible.  I have several all around the house so I can check a verse and look it up wherever I am in the house.  This red Bible is one I have had for 30 years - it is well worn~

 But this is my old faithful - a gift from a work colleague on my 21st b'day.
 I was thinking today of the comfort and joy that only the Lord can give and just want to leave this verse with you as you face today and tomorrow with all their unknowns.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday Finishes -or- Cross Stitch Crazy!

 Happy Friday and Happy November!  Autumn has well and truly come this way - yesterday we went for a bit of a ramble around a nearby forest park and lake. the colors are gorgeous and the crisp air was invigorating.

 Now I might have been slacking in the blog posting department, but I have been going a bit cross stitch crazy and throw in some punch needle too! Every spare minute I've been engrossed in creating new pieces for Christmas, my favorite holiday!  I love the reds, greens and white.

This is  an oh-so-cute itty bitty reindeer punch needle pattern by Brenda Gervais


I love Jenny Hoffman patterns and did this one as a tuck pillow~

 and this one but haven't got a frame yet...
 Stacy Nash Winter Woolens tuck pillow~
 And lastly another pattern by Brenda Gervais... it is all stitched and stained but I'm figuring out what way to display it rather than in a frame or as a pillow.

So far so good but there are just too many patterns calling out to me that it's easy to become overwhelmed!

 I'm off then, to start another one!  Thanks you so much for your visit!