Monday, 29 October 2012

Cookie Dough Paint

Hello again! I hope and pray this finds you all well and safe, especially my dear blogging friends who are facing the storms.

Although it's been a while since I posted I promise I have not been idle - if anything things just seem to be getting busier.

One of the many projects on my 'to do' list was checked off today and it involved cookie dough - no not the baking, yummy food cookies but yummy paint nonetheless, and it is a cookie dough color.  

The hall and stairway in our home was in desperate need of a freshen up and today was the day. 

Here's  before and after photos~
The duck egg blue was the color it was before~
 Now here it is painted in Cookie dough color~

The after pic in cookie dough

 This is a view of the hall way leading down toward the kitchen on the right and the dining room on the left.
 The staircase - although no matter how many pics I took the paint looks too pale in these photos. It is much warmer in tone.

This is another before pic
And now here's the finished paint job and my bits and bobs placed out again.

 Well that's been my day and I'm pleased that I've got a freshened up entry way and hallway. But oh my there are still a LOT of tasks on that 'to do' list!

Talking of cookie dough.... I'm off to find what's in the cupboard! Shhh don't tell anyone!
Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in my day, I love hearing from you!
God bless


  1. Oh Christine, I LOVE it! Plus the name of the paint color is so cute.

  2. Dear Christine, What a lovely post sweetie! Your home is so charming and beautiful! I LOVE the cookie dough color! Your collections look so nice against it too! The cat on the benches with the pumpkins are all so sweet! You did a wonderful job painting! I hope you found some goodies to eat. Thank you for your visit and for your kind and encouraging words! God bless you! Love, Paula xo

  3. It looks wonderful. And for some reason I am craving chocolate chips now :)

  4. I love the color Christine!
    I'm in southern NJ. The storm is passing over us in moments. I've been blessed with the power still on. The wind is crazy!! It's dark now. I don't want to look outside.

  5. Hello, Dear Friend,
    I looooovvvvveeee the color! Your house looks beautiful! I liked the color before, but this color really gives a good background for your prim decor! Oh, and what a yummy name! I love it! What a busy girl you are have been!

    Still windy here! My ear is killing me from the drop in pressure. But God has been gracious, and we still have power! THank you for your prayers! Glad the power is still on for others too! :)

    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Love the new look, Christine.. I thought you must be busy with something...
    Our wind is up and we are expecting much rain but hopefully not as bad as south of us..
    God bless..

  7. Oh I Love the new color.
    Looks wonderful.

  8. Now who wouldn't love cookie dough walls. I love the color, it looks awesome

  9. Beautiful friend.
    Don't you love how paint makes everything fresh and new. I so love paint.
    I love cookie dough too.hehe
    Winds and rain are howling but Thankfully we still have power too.

  10. LOVE the new color my friend! I also love that lamp! I hope you found something yummy in the cupboard!
    Be blessed,

  11. Love the color! Yummy! :-) I want to paint all of my walls a shade of brown, but hubs likes color. Boo.

  12. It's a great new look! It looks a bit like your blog background, but darker. I have a long list too!


  13. aww i love the new cute..
    big hugs cucki xxx

  14. Hello Dear Christine,
    I've not visited in some time......I hope you have been well. Your new paint color is wonderful and makes everything warmer and come together nicely.
    Life is settling down now that hubby has recovered from his brain surgeries. It was a rough summer but we are blessed and life is good once again.
    Hoping to get back into visiting everyone more often.

  15. What a pretty color...I love that you used it on only part of the walls.

  16. Wow Christine! It definately makes a big difference! Love the 'Cookie Dough' color! It looks way more PRIM too!

    Big hugs coming your way,

  17. That looks great!I think all your bits and bobs stand out more! I love your new header too! Happy Halloween!!

  18. Hey Christine I couldn't reply back because you are set for "no reply" in your blogger settings. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  19. Very nice job you did. You are really talented :)

  20. Beautiful job! I love the color, Hugs, Lynn

  21. Hi Christine thanks for stopping by!! Your paint color is so sweet. Isn't it awesome how just alittle bit of paint can make you feel better and not so expensive either. I like warm colors too. Your prims look great against it. Take care, XOXO Fran.


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