Friday, 28 September 2012

Seeing Orange and Birthday thanks!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to leave such sweet b'day wishes for me.  I am so glad to know you as blogging friends!  I had a special fun day and lots of chocolate to top it all off!

Before I show you one of my special b'day gifts, I thought I'd share  a couple of pics.  This is what my craft room floor looks  like.  
I am trying to sort out my Fall decor items and got most of them out of storage bags/boxes etc.  I'm going to try grouping and placing them as I decorate. Maybe it's just a delusion but I'm trying to be organized!!

It's a sea of orange~

 I think I've enough pumpkin critters but I've still to go out this weekend and find some rose hip branches and foliage to add to it.

Now here's my special b'day gift - a new bench/table made especially for me by own dear Dad!  I'd hinted (just a little!) that I'd like one.  Dad is a carpenter/builder by trade and he's been making a new chicken coop so with left over wood, this is what he put together.  Needless to say, I'm thrilled with it!
I still need to sand it down but don't know whether to leave it as is for a rustic look, or to paint it or stain it.
I'd really appreciate you thoughts on it! 

The hole in the top is intentional -  when my dad served his apprenticeship as a carpenter, he got his own bench as did all joiners and they kept their tools in the base and used the bench to saw and plane timber on and drill holes into the woodVery often they drilled down in through the bench! I remember Dad's bench very well though he doesn't have it any more since retiring.

Thanks again for all your comments - it's good to know you're there!
Thanks so much!
Best wishes


  1. Oh, your bench is beautiful. My opinion would be to keep it as natural as possible.

    Again, Happy Birthday.


  2. happy birthday deary..
    i love your sea of orange so much :)
    your bench is sweet
    hugs xxx

  3. Awwww! I love it! The decor and the bench! I see your awesome pillow on your couch! ;) I love homemade gifts the best, especially by dads! :) I think just a LIGHT stain would bring out the graining some, but I wouldn't do much else. It is wonderful! Love the hole story! Birthday blessings, dear friend...


  4. Love the Bench! How Beautiful! Love the story!
    That's a lot of orange, but oh so sweet! have fun decorating!

  5. A sweet Bday Blessing sent to you.. Your bench is just wonderful and comes with built in memories to treasure forever.. Personally having gone a bit chippy white myself so I would probably paint it if it was mine but it does look wonderful just the way it is.. Have fun decorating this Fall.. Hugs Angi X

  6. I love the bench! My husband made one too for our yard sale. I agree with Heather about the light stain. I wished I had so many Fall items :-)


  7. Hi Chistine, happy happy!!!! love the sea of orange, really sweet pumpkin people in there. Your bench is so wonderful,made by the loving hands of your Dad, very charming. Enjoy the day, Blessings Francine.

  8. Wowza Christine! and I thot I had a lot of fall decor! LOL goodness, I just hope you have room to decorate w/all of them!! hee hee

    Your bench is wonderful and how sweet of your dear dad! I think it looks perfect the way it is, but painted would look good too!

    Big hugs,

  9. So glad you had a nice day, I love your present from your Dad. Well you know me I love rustic but I think I would do a needle punch cushion since I have been wanting to do that to a footstool. I love it.

  10. What a wonderful treasure from your Dad.
    Just love it.
    And wow your craft room looks like orange heaven to me.
    Hugs & JOY

  11. I would not paint it, it is wonderful!

  12. What a wonderful sea of orange! So many wonderful things. Can't wait to see what you do with them. What a nice gift from your Dad. I love homes that are decorated with memories. No body will have anything as special. Happy Birthday !!! Hope it was great!! Blessings~Sara

  13. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. A happy belated birthday to you. That is a wonderful bench and since I prefer a natural look I would probably leave it like that with maybe light stain on it. Love the story about your dad, my father was also in construction.

  14. love your fall decorations! a what a perfect gift from your dad! enjoy!

  15. Such a nice thing for your Dad to do for you with left over wood - I love gifts like that! The finish is a tough one - I love some items stained, other painted. You could go with staining first, then paint over it should you decided on a color - barn red would be lovely ;-)
    Your orange critters are so cute.

  16. Love all your great fall decorating goodies, and Happy belated birthday! LOVE your bench! I would do a stain first then live with it just a bit and then I probably would paint it, and of course distress the edges a bit :) Such a great gift!
    ~Fall Blessings~
    The Olde Willow

  17. Happy late Birthday Christine. I am sorry I missed it. We just got back from our vacation that had no service:( The bench is wonderful. Especially that it was made by Daddy. Can't wait to see your fall decor all up and looking pretty. p.s- I say stain it:)

  18. What a wonderful gift...made by your own Dad...I love it. I think I would maybe just put a satin poly on it to bring out the wood grain...I like the rustic look of it. Happy belated birthday!! I haven't been around much these past couple of has just been crazy! I love the sea of orange!!

  19. Dear Christine,
    I want you to know I am praying and will continue to pray for you and your family.
    I just wanted you to know,

  20. Hi Christine, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I was thinking the other day, it must be your birthday soon. LOVE your bench, what a great gift from your dad, a lovely treasure for sure!
    Wow but you have a lovely selection of goodies to decorate with.....have fun:)
    Sorry I haven't been about much but I enjoyed reading your posts.Some great creativity going on as usual-great job on the redware plates!
    Hope your family are all well, Shazy xxx

  21. Dear Christine, It is so nice to "meet" you! Thank you for visiting me and for your very sweet comment! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Mine was on the 22nd and I turned 43 too! Isn't that neat? Your fall decorations are lovely! The bench your dear dad made for you is beautiful! I know you will treasure it always! He is very talented! Have a happy week! Love and blessings, Paula xo

  22. Nice to meet you! I love that little bench you got for your birthday ♥ belated wishes to you!

  23. nice post thanks for sharing..i found you thrue other bloggers..looking for to visit more..blessings


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