Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to the Beginning

Karen, of My Colonial Home has come up with a wonderful way to celebrate her 4 year blogging anniversary. Anyone with a blog can post about how their blog started and why they named it.

So here I go, way back to the beginning and how it all started!

It all started when I visited the USA for the first time just after hubby and I got married. Seeing as we both have close relatives living in California, we decided to visit and being keen to shop, shop I did. I believe the store was called 'Welcome Home' and it stocked country craft decor and Americana. Well, I was home! That's how I felt looking around and I have loved Americana since - this large pillow had to come home with me.

So it was out of a desire to find more Americana country pieces that I came across primitive style decor and was hooked instantly. I was trawling the web as here in Northern Ireland, primitive style decorating was unheard of, and thanks to google found like-minded people who had shared pictures of their homes and primitive treasures on blogs!!! Happy Day! Now I could stalk people with talent and flair for the look I loved!

Back then, six or seven years ago, shipping was reasonable and I was able to purchase a few things to start decorating with primitives. I was immediately drawn to barn reds and homespuns, saltbox houses and stars.

After a few years of blog stalking and drooling over wonderful pictures, all of which my DH had to listen to, he said and I kid you not, my own husband encouraged me to start a blog and be more active in sharing with other like- minded folk.

I really didn't have much to share but I felt the need to reach out and hear from others who could better share the love of primitives. So at the end of March, the start of spring, I pressed enter and signed up for a blog of my own,just over 3 years ago.

But what to call it? Some of my first choices were already taken. Something short and alliterative, I thought would work well and as I was strongly drawn to primitives over country I knew I preferred primitives and my blog would reflect this; so that's how Preferably Prim was christened!!

And as I saw the dolls and makedo items I thought 'I could try that' and took up needle and thread. I love pineapples and wool~

Barn red signs and lamps and checkerboards~

It has been a fab 3 years blogging. I'm thrilled to have 'met' so many talented people who have become like friends and who share in everything, not just prims.
You are all so kind to accept an 'outsider' into the prim community and I am blessed to count you as prayer partners and encouragers.

Thank you!


  1. I think that is so neat you told your story. Not to mention I often wonder how you in Ireland have primitive country. So this clears up so many questions I have had. So you have family in California? Well next time you go to California you will have to come by. I wish I had family in Ireland. My husband's family on his Moms side were O'Brien. :) I love your story. Thanks for sharing and happy three years. That is how long I have been blogging too.

  2. Hi Christine...goodness you have a wonderful story...we're all so happy you started your blog and that you love the American Prims!
    Someday I may get to husband spent lots and lots of there and said I would love it! Maybe someday we shall meet.

  3. I love how you started your blog. Isn't it funny how we all reach out to one another for ideas, advice, and friendship? There are so many wonderful bloggers from all over. One of my favorite singers, Daniel O'Donnell, is from UK, but sounds Irish to me.

  4. Beautifully written post Christine.
    I'll tell Karina you send your love.
    :-) X X X

  5. How sweet to find out your story Christine!! So glad you love Americana like I do, I think that is how I found you in the beginning maybe? Not sure! LOL
    Glad to have found you and I count you a dear friend! Can't wait to travel to Ireland some day as I'm half Irish!! hee hee


  6. Hi Christine. Thanks for sharing your story. It was a very enjoyable read and I'm happy I've got to know you this past year and a half since I started bloging.


  7. Wow! Your husband told you to blog! So cool! Very supportive! It is a leap to put yourself out there, but I am soooooo glad that you did! :) You have certainly done a fabulous job creating the prim look over there! We have so many stores here; we are spoiled. I LOVE the pineapple! Awesome!

    I, like the others, hope I can get to Ireland some day. My family is Scottish and Irish (McGinnis) I have always wanted to visit the UK. It has nothing to do at all with Jane Austen... I find it fascinating that you fell in love with Americana, as I love items from England... But, awww, California is so far. It kills me that you were 15 minutes away a week before I met you on my blog! So close! But, I hope we will meet in person some day, Lord willing!

    I have cherished the short time I have known you... Thank you for being a Godly, encouraging, and dear friend. I have enjoyed reading your history of your journey into blogging, and look forward to reading more for years to come!

    The Rollings Reliable Baking Company (We would like to publish YOUR story!)

  8. Hi Christine, such a great story about your blog, very interesting, thanks for sharing.Blessings Francine

  9. Christine--loved your story--sometimes I think we in the USA think primitive is just enjoyed here. I think it is a world wide decor choice because it is warm, comfortable, family oriented, and can be achieved if you have a lot of money, or even if you don't.It's a style that comes from the heart!--Jan

  10. Oh Christine this is a wonderful story! I am so glad you shared it. I have to do mine up yet too. You are certainly not an outsider, you are a sweet person who loves what we all love. Do you make most of your things now? Have a great week!
    Be blessed!

  11. Wow!! I love your story! :-D It is so interesting to me, because I always figured that Americans loved primitive/early americana because we have been around it all of our lives, it's part of our history....but you loving it, too shows that it's in our HEARTS and it's the style, not the history that has the biggest impact! That's wonderful!! Thanks for sharing this! :-D

  12. That's true, Americana home decors are the best and put them in a corner of your house makes your house cosy...they make your house a HOME ^_^
    I visited America for the first time three years ago because my fiance is from a town in Massachusets and it was love at first sight also for me!

  13. aww what a sweet story..
    i am so glad to read it.
    lots of love for you x

  14. Love your story and so glad you decided to blog! It's always so very interesting and inspiring to see and hear what others folks are up to!

  15. I really enjoyed seeing your prim style! I have changed my decorating style for a little while...just needed a change but I adore prim too. Dianntha

  16. Hi Christine. It's fun learning more about you. You have a great style about you and some wonderful talents to share with us. I know I have enjoyed seeing all that you create and have had so much fun bloggin with you. Glad you are here with us. -Steph-

  17. I agree with Lisa Diane that the style is in the hearts. But I'm also drawn to the history behind the style. Europe and America were once so connected, and that's so interesting! And with our blogs we reconnect again.

    Isn't it frustrating that the shipping costs are so high for us??

    I liked what you wrote about accepting 'outsiders', I feel the same way too :-).


  18. And I am so glad you did.. It was a happy day when I chanced on seeing the words Northern Ireland AND primitive. grin.. What more could a girl ask for in a blog..
    So blessed to count you as friend, Christine and I know I can count on you for prayer as well..

  19. How blessed we all are that your husband encouraged you to start your wonderful blog.

  20. That's funny that your hubby encouraged you to blog because my hubby is probably my biggest fan! Love all your photos. Looks so pretty! Enjoy your day!

  21. Hi Christine! I saw you are a new follower to my blog ~The Olde Willow~ Thanks!! Wow that is great your hubby encouraged you to start a blog, so sweet :) Wow I always feel like I'm so far from fellow prim lovers being way down in FL. and you have topped me! It is awesome that we can meet new friends that share the same love of prims through this blogging :) I LOVE your felt goodies! You do very nice work. Have a great weekend.
    Blessings ~The Olde Willow~


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