Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summer in the countryside

Hello friends and welcome! It's a lazy summer day as you can see from our part time kitty, Mitzi who was enjoying stretching out.

We decided to make the most of the better day and headed out on an adventure down our wee country road and along a disused lane,

The blackberries were already ripening

Ivy covers an old homestead,

and the barley has just been harvested. We're heading over the field to the woods...
Splashing over the muddy river and wondering what lies beyond...

We felt like explorers winding our way through the trees and then the kids like to pretend we're being chased like outlaws, the sniffer dogs at our heels and we run like crazy and laugh and laugh at our silliness!

We're back on dry land and heading back up the road home~

If you need to phone home here's an old telephone booth in our neighbor's garden - these are vintage collector's items nowadays.

Later we called at my parents' home to see their chicks - these are a week old and just the cutest. The children really love them~

These are 5 weeks old and really inquisitive and so comical!

And 'TAH DAH!' Finished my woolie rug - just the backing to add

So the sun sets on a great day...

Enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to!

Best wishes


  1. It looks wonderful, what a nice walk. What always surprises me is how old the fences are and how everything looks. I love the kitty.
    I love your mat. Doesn't it feel nice to be working on pumpkins? Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Aww I love lazy summer days :)
    Such fun and lots of lovely pictures ..
    Sweet mat and cute kitty.
    Big hugs xxx

  3. It is beautiful where you live. I just soaked in the pictures! Oh, playing outlaws! What fun! I would have liked to play that too, especially in such beautiful surroundings! I am glad that you allow your children to play and culture their imaginations! Alas, many children grown up too quickly and lose the ability to "play".

    But, I would love to walk on those roads. Are they as quiet as they seem? Are there many cars? Awwww...

    Okay, beside all of the loveliness of where you live, the two pictures that crack me up are:

    1. The phone booth. Seriously, he should paint it blue because all I can think of is Dr. Who with it out in the middle of the expanse of grass.

    2. The chicken looking into the camera. He looks likes he's saying, "Hey! Who goes there?" Maybe HE is one of the robbers? Hmmmm. I'd watch him.

    Awww, your day is done! What a lovely sunset! Is it cooler there already? It is only 5 pm here, and we are going out to swim. Wow. The weirdness of time zones.

    Have a wonderful Lord's Day yourself, Dear Friend!


  4. That's a perfect late summer day to me. Beautiful

  5. Such a fun summer day you had together. Red phone booth is really neat and I love your woolie mat. Pretty sunset too. :)


  6. Loved your post, Christine.. Enjoy so much your pics of Ireland.. Your rug is awesome..
    Take care, dear friend..

  7. Hello Christine, oh what a beautiful day, looks like so much fun. Those are nice Blackberries, yummy. Love your woolie rug, me loves me pumpkins. Blessings Francine.

  8. sounds like a fun day!!! denise

  9. What beautiful countryside and love those little chicks! Your mat stitched up wonderfully! Have a relaxing Sunday!

  10. love the journey!!
    love the rug too!
    love the close of a great day!

  11. I should visit Northern Ireland! It looks so beautiful and peaceful! The weather looks lovely. Don't you have our heatwave? We had 36.9 °C today HOTHOTHOT.


  12. Love the look of the chicks.. I keep seeing CHRISTMAS ever where today :-) I CAN GIVE A CHRISTMAS TURKEY OR CHICK A HOME...... A FOREVER HOME :-)
    Will have to sneak it in, but :-)

    Beautiful, beautiful day, wish I were right beside you . :-) x x x Don't forget about the Christmas Chick and Turkey :-) X X X

  13. Loved this post....reminds me so much of when I was a kid and would explore the woods and creek all day long--really special childhood memories! We live close to town now and I really miss being out in the country. blessings....Jan

  14. Christine,
    I just noticed that your sky looks like my sky on my blog. Are you SURE you are across the pond?


  15. Beautiful post friend.
    Love your new header and woolie wonderful new rug.
    Of course you also know I heart those sweet chicks and hens.
    Woolie Love

  16. Thanks for the beautiful walk. Your countryside is so relaxing and magical to me. I think it's so green. Arn't fresh blackberries the yummiest? What a fun time with the girls. Cherish the moments they still want to play and be silly with thier mom. Mine are still fun like that too, but someday, it will end:(
    Your woolie rug is making me wish for fall. Good job.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. -Steph-

  17. p.s- your blog header looks great.

  18. Looks like you had a great day! Love the sunset photo especially!

  19. Hey Christine,
    Not sure how I missed this post~been a bit crazy here! LOL
    Your pumpkins are adorable and your woolie mat looks amazing! I wish now I'd kept one of those patterns for myself ~ha! How cute!!



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