Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Stitchin up some sun(flowers)!

As the saying goes, it never rains but it pours... so not only did our good spell of sunny weather break today with lots of rain, here I am posting twice in two days!
But as it was just a rainy day we stayed home and I stitched on my latest wool applique pattern I got from Tanya at Friendship Crossing and her Etsy My Lil' Craft Barn.
It is coming along nicely
A close up of the sunflower~ so bright and cheery on this wet day and I'm reminded of a verse in Ecclesiastes 11 v7, ' A pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.'

So I snapped a few pics of sunflowers shining their light around my home~
in a basket hanging from a shelf,

I made these sunflowers from a tutorial by Char Sethman on her blog A Pickled Pepper Patch

And Primitive Betty's wonderful talent and pattern that she shares in this cross stitch pattern~
love it!
And for the BEST ever pics of sunflowers, I love visiting with Farm Girl Kim at My Field of Dreams - she loves the sun!!lol! Especially in August! Visit her here!
Hope this brightens your day - even if you are scorched where you are!
Best wishes


  1. The pumpkins with the sunflower added makes me feel FESTIVE. I can't wait for fall. Is this done with wool?

  2. Yes, Parsley the pumpkins and sunflowers are wool and the black background is wool felt.

  3. Your woolie mat looks like it's coming along wonderfully Christine!! LOVE it!

    Those sunflowers certainly brighten up a rainy day! Cute cr. stitch pillow!


  4. I love sunflowers and pumpkins! My favorite things!!!! Your mat is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! I love the plaids. You are so talented!

    It down-poured here overnight- 2 inches! Lots of lightning! Oops, that storm was heading northeast... Sorry about that.

    Oh, sunflowers AND crows. Be still my beating heart! I love crows too! Lovin' that pillow! Oh man, no benadryl for me tonight! I might be flying over the pond to snatch some goodies. No, no. I know. Stealing is frowned upon...

    Love the felt sunflowers- I like how you have them displayed! Yellow looks so good against black.

    Good grief! More things in common.

    I am going to go check out "My Field of Dreams"!

  5. love your wool mat! sunflowers and rainy days! enjoy!

  6. Hello, oh those bright sunflowers make my day, wonderful wool work. Also love the pumpkins, the colors are so fine. Blessings Francine.

  7. Hi Christine,
    love your new project of sunflowers and pumpkins! I haven't visited Tanya's shop in a while...... looks like she has some great goodies to offer everyone.
    We sure could use some rain here and many other areas around the States. I don't remember when we last had a clear day.
    Take care.
    Blessings to you and yours~

  8. A perfect time of year for a sunflower design. I never tire of them.

  9. I really like sunflowers too. The wool mat is so pretty. Please show when done.


  10. I love your sunflowers and your pumpkins! Some wools are just made for pumpkin appliques. I too have been blogging more than usual. :-)

  11. Awww I love sunflowers and pumpkins too...
    Lovely woolie piece and sweet pin cushion .
    Hugs xxx

  12. Beautiful sunflowers!
    I love love love your woolie stitchery.
    Pumpkins and sunflowers JOY!

  13. Oh I love your sunflowers. You know I have never attempted to make them. Thank you for giving my blog a sweet nod. You are so kind Christine. I am so sorry your warm days were replaced with rain. But then how could Ireland stay so green? My brother visited once and he said, " You can never imagine how green it is." I always think about that.
    Have a lovely day, I hope you get to stitch lots and lots.

  14. Love the sunflowers.
    We have some too :-) growing in the garden, at least I hope we have :-) The rain and the wind has done some damage. Oh, well... :-)
    Good to hear from you Christine X X X
    Lots of love, or should that be luvs. I get so confused :-) ha ha..
    :-) X X X

  15. Thank you so much Christine. It means so much to me.

  16. Hi Christine, Love your penny rug, love all of the beautiful sunflowers, thanks for sharing! hugs, Lecia

  17. I'm losing ground here--trouble keeping up with my favorite blogs! Knew this would happen this time of year! i see the lovely wools you teased us with in your applique's going to be wonderful!! How I wish I had some time to work on one! Sigh...and your cross stitch! SOOO sweet! Here in western Pa. we are green again---the lawn service piled on the fertilizer and with our abundant rain lately,the grass virtually exploded!! Beautiful cool weather is here too--in the 70's!! Enjoy your stitching!! --Jan


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