Thursday, 30 August 2012

My new guy love

No it's not what you think! I still am a happily married woman to my hubby of 19 years but I've met a new guy and in a prim lover's way, I adore him!

He's my latest make and yet another prim pumpkin doll. I'm seeing orange all the time! But what do you think of him?

Gotta love his burlap dungarees!

I used a pattern I got last Christmas from Blue Moon Beginnings which was for a snowman. I came across it last week as i was hunting for a different pattern and as I looked at it I thought,
'that could easily be a pumpkin doll!' and here it is.

Having a sweet tooth, I want some candy corn! This is what I got - not edible though!

I just had to have chocolate instead to satisfy that sweet tooth!! Yummm!

Two of my three kids returned to school yesterday so we're getting back into a routine and once again I seem to be spending more time than ever in the car to-ing and fro-ing.

Oh well, I need to call them indoors now as it's nearing bedtime. That's the part they don't like about being back to school!

It's been fun chatting with you all again!
Thanks for your lovely comments - I love to hear from you!
Best wishes


  1. Love the dolly! Burlap is the big trend now, isn't it! He's really cute and I love his stitched nose. I get so jealous when I see all the stitching everyone is doing. Your candy corn pillow is adorable. bedtime was always a challenge around here--not so much for Craig, but Brian would NOT go easily--and that was from the time he was still in his crib!! Little stinker!! :) Have a happy weekend! --Jan

  2. Those burlap overalls are awesome! Totally perfect for this little guy.

  3. While you are sleeping on your side of the world, I am gushing over such a sweet pumpkin man. It's perfectly ok to fall in love again:) I've got to get some candy corn made. It's on my list. We are off to our school open house. Sweet dreams. -Steph-

  4. Awwwww! He is sooo cute. I think I have a crush on your little guy too! And the pillow is adorable! So talented! I can't answer for kids, but I know it is hard for this teacher to adjust to school time! I feel for your two!

    Blessings and pleasant dreams! Try not to eat that pillow!

  5. My, what a cutie, Christine.. You never cease to amaze me with what you come up with..
    Take care, my friend..

  6. Love the candy corn, the color shades are prim perfect!

  7. Oh I love your guy too. His burlap clothes are just wonderful. I love things with candy corn so I really love the pillow.
    You make such cute things. I love the colors.

  8. Well he's just adorable! And I love the Candy Corn too...wish I could get my 'letter' stitching as neat as yours.

  9. Your pumpkin guy turned out so cute and I hope your hubby isn't the jealous type~LOL!!!
    Love the candy corn~it's adorable!!

    Have a great school yr. w/the kiddos!


  10. I can see why you adore the new guy, he's a cutie!


  12. Anyone who makes me smile on a very grim day :-) has my vote xxxxxxxxxx

  13. Seems hard to believe the kids are back to school already...the year has gone by so fast.
    I like your pillow. :)


  14. I love your cute new guy! The candy corn ornie is cute!

  15. I like your new friend. He's so cute! My kids go back to school tomorrow.



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