Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Look who I found and New Blog Friend

It may seem a bit early but as soon as August appears on the calendar, prim pumpkins pop up all over blogland. Everyone is longing for cooler temps. and the soft breezes of Fall.

I personally enjoy summer for all the vitality it brings - as you know Northern Ireland is much cooler and there's always plenty of showers which is why it's so green or as is more often the case, a muddy brown...

I'm glad to say that today has been sunny and warm and I enjoyed time outdoors with a lovely ice cream. We call them a '99 poke'. It's a funny term and I think it comes from the nickname we give to the shape of the cone and putting a chocolate Flake on top is making it a 99 - I've no idea why!!! So if you ever come to visit and call in for an ice cream cone you'll know what a 99 is and if someone asks you 'Would you like a poke?' you'll know that they're not being rude at all...

But I digress. As I was in the garden look who I found sitting sunning himself!! He's pretty pleased with himself carrying a prim pumpkin too!

I brought him inside to cool down! He is a cool customer and was a fun make from pattern I adapted by 'My Raggedy Kids'
I just wanted to give a shout out to a new blogging friend I met just last week. I have had so much fun and blessing reading Heather's blog, The Country Schoolmarm, and it seems we have a fair bit in common aside from loving prims. I know you'll all enjoy her witty posts and thoughtful spiritual insights so hop on over now and say 'Hi'!

Thanks to to everyone for their good wishes on our anniversary - we had a great evening out and good food.

I so enjoy hearing from you all too - thanks so much for calling in for a visit!

Best wishes


  1. awww cute i love your new fellow so much..super sweet..
    yummyyyy ice cream..it is so cold here but i still love to eat ice cream :)
    hugs xxx

  2. The ice cream looks great right now:) Mr. Pumpkin is fun:) He makes me smile. You did a great job. I love that he is dressed in such cute clothes. Glad the sun found you today. Have fun enjoying your treats and warmth. -Steph-

  3. Happy Anniversary.

    Mr. "Pumpkin Head" looks quite comfortable sitting in the garden. He is adorable.

    Hugs from the USA ♥

  4. Haha, so if I ever make it to the lovely country of Ireland I will know what to say to get ice cream, that is so cute. I would love to come and visit.
    I love your pumpkin guy. So cute and so fall like.
    I always enjoy seeing what you have made. Thanks for stopping by today, I enjoyed your comment.

  5. Thanks for the shout out Christine. Cute little pumpkin guy.


  6. yum! ice cream looks great and a i bet cute my prim pumpkin would like some! enjoy your day!

  7. whoops! cute, mr prim pumpkin!

  8. Thank you for the shout out! You are so sweet. Well, now I want ice cream! Ugh. What is sticking out of the top? You know what we call your "chocolate flakes"? "Jimmies" or "Sprinkles". I need something chocolaty! On Pinterest, there are all of these recipes for coffee cake in a cup, chocolate chip cookies in a cup, and brownies in a cup. I may need to make a "cup" now. With ice cream. And continue to sit on the couch. Wow. This is all of your fault, really.

    Hey, I wanted to ask... Do you sell to we poor souls over on the other side of "The Pond"? I really like your work! I love the baggies and pillows. *Sigh*

    1. How do I go about ordering? I love the crow pillow! I love crows! I like your UFO baggy. But I think I would like to order a little crow tuck/pin keep. So, talented!

      I am still laughing about the "poke" thing. My sister went to Scotland and wanted to order shrimp at a Chinese restaurant, the lady was almost irate. She didn't understand because they were called "prawns" there. It funny how each culture has its own names for the same things! But, it's true. We have lots of names for things, and we don't usually know where the name came from...

      Wait, is the thing sticking out the flake or is it the sprinkles? And if it is the thing sticking out of the top, what is it? I am still on the ice cream topic. Does benadryl give one the munchies?

  9. Funny ice-cream! I've never seen it with a chocolate flake on top of it?
    I think you should show your newest creation 'Black Jack' on your blog. Maybe I can write a post about it on my blog if you want to? I've already taken some pictures.


    1. Hi Goedele - if you like chocolate and ice cream having a flake in it is just perfect!
      Please go ahead and post about Black Jack by all means - I didn't want to as he's yours now!
      Best wishes!

  10. Love your little garden find! He's cute! I will have to check the new blog!

  11. mmmmmm, yummy looking ice cream!! Eat one for me!!

    Mr. Pumpkin Head man looks very cute and at home in the garden!


  12. Sure wish I could find a handsome fellow like that in my mister's garden!! {smile} Love your Mr. Pumpkin Man, you did a great job. That ice cream looks delicius. Glad to hear your anniversary went well. Have a great week.

  13. I think your pumpkin man is super cute!

  14. What a cute post! Is the flake like a candy bar? Love your pumpkin man--he's adorable.You need to post pics of Ireland--I'll bet it is gorgeous and lush green!--Jan

  15. Oh he is so Prim Cool.
    And please I want a 99 poke too.
    Trace :)


  16. Well, if I'm ever over there, I'll be sure to ask for that 99 :) I still can't stop laughing!! Mr. Prim Pumpkin man to sooo cute - love him!


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