Saturday, 25 August 2012

Catching up on the week's events

Well that week flew by for me! It was a busy one because school starts next week and there is a lot to prepare. New shiny school shoes and uniforms to search for and I mean search! When you leave it until the last week in August, there is very little left in the regular shoe sizes!

And then throw in a family wedding on Thursday and there were even more shoes and outfits to find for us all to look smart.

The wedding was that of our niece and apart from showery weather, everything went well and it was good to get together with family again.

Here is the bride, glowing with happiness after the ceremony at the church~
And the happy couple cutting the cake~

In between times, I have tried to sit down and sew something. I wanted to try some punch needle but my threader broke :-( not good as there is nowhere to buy them and I can't find one online unless I buy a kit. So if you have a solution to fix the treader I'd love to hear from you!
Now I enjoy the longer brighter days of summer but as pumpkins abound on blog posts I had to make some of the flatter variety~

I found this lovely fabric~

And a little white one which needs stained.
And a new stump doll for harvest~
And lastly, a new cross stitch I'm working on, with the colors of autumn. Look out for more on this soon!
Thanks so much for your company and the fellowship we can share on our blogging journey together!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I just wanted to tell you I think you are such a wonderful blog friend.
    You always leave the sweetest comments to everyone.
    His love and light shine in you too.
    Im glad your my Friend
    Looks like you had a wonderful week. :)

  2. Very nice photos this week Christine. I just love making all of those little pumpkins like you have been making. No matter how many I make they always make me smile. I want to make them out of velvet but have yet to find any colors besides black and blue.
    I wish I knew how to tell you how to fix your threader. Mine broke and I spent days trying to fix it and never came up with a solution. I have a extra, I could mail it to you if you wanted. email me at :)

  3. Pretty wedding photos~ Gorgeous bride~ loving your pumpkins~
    have a great weekend~

  4. Your week sounds like mine!! My sister gets married on the 1st of Sept and school starts on the 3th. Hairdresser, new shoes, ... We don't have uniforms, so that's one thing I can skip! I like the pumpkins! Can't get any project done this week. I'll have to wait for school to start again.


  5. Oh and I love the new header!


  6. Woah! You must be exhausted! I LOVE all of the things you made. That fabric IS awesome for the pumpkin! My favorite- the little harvest doll! I adore her! You are so talented! I hope your week slows down! I miss talking to you friend! Your niece looks beautiful!

    Well, dear friend, I will talk to you more soon! Have a blessed Sunday!


  7. sweet wedding photos..and very cute bride.
    i love the pumpkins so much.
    lots of love for you
    cucki xx

  8. Many happy and healthy years to the newlyweds! They look so happy! Pumpkins are sweet! I sure wish I knew a fix for those threaders... nothing like being in the mood to create something and then your tools up and give out on you...

  9. Hello Christine, beautiful bride your niece is,gotta love summer weddings. Such sweet pumpkins, love the little white one, also the harvest dolly. Enjoy the weekend, Blessings Francine.

  10. Congrats to the bride and groom! Love the pumpkins and stump doll! I want to try and make some pumpkins this year.

  11. Hi Christine.. Such a lovely bride and she looks so happy.. Praying God's blessings upon their marriage for many years to come..
    Love your pumpkins.. Why can't I get inspired like you... smile..

  12. Your right this is the busy time and a beautiful wedding also!! Loved those pumpkins!!

  13. I am so ready for fall! I love your little harvest doll and the pumpkins, can't wait to see more of your cross stitch. I am starting to take that up again, if I can see! LOL
    Thanks for your friendship,your comments brighten my day.
    Be blessed,

  14. The bride is so pretty! Fun little pumpkins.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  15. Congratulations to the happy couple, I love her bouquet.
    I'm ready for the fall too, and all the seasonal changes. Love the pumpkins and doll, can't wait to see your sampler. I also like looking in the background of your outside pictures. Someday I hope to visit the UK and Ireland.

  16. Looks like such a beautiful wedding!

    Pumpkins look great, as usual! You're such a tease w/the latest cross stitch!!

    Big hugs,

  17. How fun to attend a wedding. They are always a fun reminder:) Your pumpkins are so fun. Good job. Also, good luck with the school prep.

  18. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!!!
    I love your pumpkins..they look fabulous!!!

  19. Ah, it's yours is it :-) ?
    x x x x x x xx

  20. Here is a link on how to make a threader. They are so pretty, I may try one soon...whimseyTopia? My computer would not allow me to copy and paste so I hope you can find it! If not, I will copy and paste in an email for you!


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