Thursday, 30 August 2012

My new guy love

No it's not what you think! I still am a happily married woman to my hubby of 19 years but I've met a new guy and in a prim lover's way, I adore him!

He's my latest make and yet another prim pumpkin doll. I'm seeing orange all the time! But what do you think of him?

Gotta love his burlap dungarees!

I used a pattern I got last Christmas from Blue Moon Beginnings which was for a snowman. I came across it last week as i was hunting for a different pattern and as I looked at it I thought,
'that could easily be a pumpkin doll!' and here it is.

Having a sweet tooth, I want some candy corn! This is what I got - not edible though!

I just had to have chocolate instead to satisfy that sweet tooth!! Yummm!

Two of my three kids returned to school yesterday so we're getting back into a routine and once again I seem to be spending more time than ever in the car to-ing and fro-ing.

Oh well, I need to call them indoors now as it's nearing bedtime. That's the part they don't like about being back to school!

It's been fun chatting with you all again!
Thanks for your lovely comments - I love to hear from you!
Best wishes

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Catching up on the week's events

Well that week flew by for me! It was a busy one because school starts next week and there is a lot to prepare. New shiny school shoes and uniforms to search for and I mean search! When you leave it until the last week in August, there is very little left in the regular shoe sizes!

And then throw in a family wedding on Thursday and there were even more shoes and outfits to find for us all to look smart.

The wedding was that of our niece and apart from showery weather, everything went well and it was good to get together with family again.

Here is the bride, glowing with happiness after the ceremony at the church~
And the happy couple cutting the cake~

In between times, I have tried to sit down and sew something. I wanted to try some punch needle but my threader broke :-( not good as there is nowhere to buy them and I can't find one online unless I buy a kit. So if you have a solution to fix the treader I'd love to hear from you!
Now I enjoy the longer brighter days of summer but as pumpkins abound on blog posts I had to make some of the flatter variety~

I found this lovely fabric~

And a little white one which needs stained.
And a new stump doll for harvest~
And lastly, a new cross stitch I'm working on, with the colors of autumn. Look out for more on this soon!
Thanks so much for your company and the fellowship we can share on our blogging journey together!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summer in the countryside

Hello friends and welcome! It's a lazy summer day as you can see from our part time kitty, Mitzi who was enjoying stretching out.

We decided to make the most of the better day and headed out on an adventure down our wee country road and along a disused lane,

The blackberries were already ripening

Ivy covers an old homestead,

and the barley has just been harvested. We're heading over the field to the woods...
Splashing over the muddy river and wondering what lies beyond...

We felt like explorers winding our way through the trees and then the kids like to pretend we're being chased like outlaws, the sniffer dogs at our heels and we run like crazy and laugh and laugh at our silliness!

We're back on dry land and heading back up the road home~

If you need to phone home here's an old telephone booth in our neighbor's garden - these are vintage collector's items nowadays.

Later we called at my parents' home to see their chicks - these are a week old and just the cutest. The children really love them~

These are 5 weeks old and really inquisitive and so comical!

And 'TAH DAH!' Finished my woolie rug - just the backing to add

So the sun sets on a great day...

Enjoy your weekend whatever you get up to!

Best wishes

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Stitchin up some sun(flowers)!

As the saying goes, it never rains but it pours... so not only did our good spell of sunny weather break today with lots of rain, here I am posting twice in two days!
But as it was just a rainy day we stayed home and I stitched on my latest wool applique pattern I got from Tanya at Friendship Crossing and her Etsy My Lil' Craft Barn.
It is coming along nicely
A close up of the sunflower~ so bright and cheery on this wet day and I'm reminded of a verse in Ecclesiastes 11 v7, ' A pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.'

So I snapped a few pics of sunflowers shining their light around my home~
in a basket hanging from a shelf,

I made these sunflowers from a tutorial by Char Sethman on her blog A Pickled Pepper Patch

And Primitive Betty's wonderful talent and pattern that she shares in this cross stitch pattern~
love it!
And for the BEST ever pics of sunflowers, I love visiting with Farm Girl Kim at My Field of Dreams - she loves the sun!!lol! Especially in August! Visit her here!
Hope this brightens your day - even if you are scorched where you are!
Best wishes

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Look who I found and New Blog Friend

It may seem a bit early but as soon as August appears on the calendar, prim pumpkins pop up all over blogland. Everyone is longing for cooler temps. and the soft breezes of Fall.

I personally enjoy summer for all the vitality it brings - as you know Northern Ireland is much cooler and there's always plenty of showers which is why it's so green or as is more often the case, a muddy brown...

I'm glad to say that today has been sunny and warm and I enjoyed time outdoors with a lovely ice cream. We call them a '99 poke'. It's a funny term and I think it comes from the nickname we give to the shape of the cone and putting a chocolate Flake on top is making it a 99 - I've no idea why!!! So if you ever come to visit and call in for an ice cream cone you'll know what a 99 is and if someone asks you 'Would you like a poke?' you'll know that they're not being rude at all...

But I digress. As I was in the garden look who I found sitting sunning himself!! He's pretty pleased with himself carrying a prim pumpkin too!

I brought him inside to cool down! He is a cool customer and was a fun make from pattern I adapted by 'My Raggedy Kids'
I just wanted to give a shout out to a new blogging friend I met just last week. I have had so much fun and blessing reading Heather's blog, The Country Schoolmarm, and it seems we have a fair bit in common aside from loving prims. I know you'll all enjoy her witty posts and thoughtful spiritual insights so hop on over now and say 'Hi'!

Thanks to to everyone for their good wishes on our anniversary - we had a great evening out and good food.

I so enjoy hearing from you all too - thanks so much for calling in for a visit!

Best wishes

Friday, 10 August 2012

Another Week, Another Year!

Hi friends!

Another week has rolled by and we've had probably the best week of weather we've had all summer.

It's also another year for hubby and I as we celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary today and we're heading out later to a lovely restaurant for dinner!

We were in Newcastle for a fun family day out this week, here's the kids having fun~

I managed a little quick stitching - a free pattern by Primitive Bettys,

Another project I eventually finished! A cute trio and a free pattern on Patternmart by R&K Creations
Here's a sneak peek at my newest project - I'm sure you'll never guess what I doing?!!!

Have to rush off now as hubby's home and ready for dinner.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Best wishes

Friday, 3 August 2012

Sampler done! and other bits and bobs!

Happy Friday, friends! The summer is flying by and I'm keeping busy with the kids running here and there!

So it has taken me longer than usual to finish this sampler by Margaret & Margaret. To be honest I started it way back in March before I broke my wrist. Just glad to have completed it!

This is a close up of some of the details~

It is stitched on 28 ct natural linen. This was actually the first time I stitched one over one. The name Phebe Allen Age 7 was all done one over one and I can only say I'm not in a hurry to do any more one over one.

And this was another UFO I got made up into a bag made of blue ticking~

Lastly I got wool! Thanks to Tanya of Friendship Crossing and My lil' Craft Barn Etsy who helped me get some lovely fall colored wool as I'm looking forward to stitching up some fall things very soon!
Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Have fun