Thursday, 19 July 2012

Holiday Highlights - Berlin, Ohio

Well, we're back home after a wonderful few weeks on holiday in the US! We've survived the storms on June 29 and the 104 degree plus temps and we'd do it all again tomorrow! I hope you can indulge me re-living some of our trip's highlights for the next couple of posts!

We stayed in Front Royal for a brief stopover and I spied this antique shop but it was not opened that day - mind you I couldn't have afforded the crocks let alone have packed them in my suitcase!
Then we had to travel through the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains - very scenic!

My big highlight this trip was to visit Amish country in Holmes County, Ohio. I was definitely not disappointed! Loved every moment of it - we arrived Friday evening of the 29th and heard the storm warnings but we thank the Lord for His protecting hand upon us as the worst of the storm hit further south of Berlin in Coshocton. We only realised how bad it had been when we drove down that way the next morning to go see Roscoe historic village. There were trees down along the road and power was out in the village and people were telling us of homes damaged in the storm.

These are a few pics of Roscoe historic village, really pretty and great shops!

It was just lovely in Amish country! The farmland rolls to the horizon and the farm buildings and barns pepper the landscape and it is not uncommon to follow a horse and buggy and see Amish/Plain folk in the gardens or young people on bicycles!

I have to say we found everyone so friendly and helpful wherever we went and it really added to our enjoyment.

And of course there were lots of store to see in Berlin itself!
One of my favorites - the kids will tell you that they had to drag me out after a loooooonnnnggg time in it!!! - was the Country Craft Cupboard. I couldn't believe how many patterns they have - as you can see by my face!!
I picked up much needed supplies, wool fabric and such and lots of patterns that I will hopefull y find time to make sooooon! So excited to find them!!
The next shop was great too for OOAK prims and handmade in the USA items in Country from the Heart owned by Tammie Weaver who has so many hand painted goods~

I couldn't pass by this cute little bunny especially as it was handmade in Ohio!

One of my favorite finds was this antique Amish bonnet - a beautiful reminder of Amish country!
The stitching in it is amazing and you can see the marks of hairpins inside.
Treated myself to this Buttermilk Basin design pillow~
So the sun set on a fab few days in Ohio - sigh~ So beautiful and so many memories to treasure!

It's good to be blogging again and thanks to you all for visiting!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes


  1. What a fun trip!!! So glad you are home now and you can share your pictures. I love those crocks!! I would have had a very hard time leaving those. I am so glad you had a good time.
    I had no idea all of those wonderful shops were there.
    It sounds like a very nice vacation.

  2. I live about an hour of Berlin and just love it. You got to my favorite shop for wool and supplies: Country Craft Cupboard! Don't you just love that wall in the back with all of the patterns?!?! A bit overwhelming actually. Glad you made it home safely. :)

  3. Love 'revisiting' one of my favorite areas in Ohio! I grew up 2 hrs. west of there and love all those shops you went to! Country Craft C. is my all~time fave shop and yrs. ago they used to have that whole side where you stood covered in nothing but HUNDREDS of craft patterns!!! My friend and I went there FOUR times in two days!!! We just couldn't get away from there~so much to see and be inspired by!

    So glad you all survived the heat wave and the storms! It's been really HOT over here this summer! Wish I could have met up w/you! We would have had a blast!!

    Welcome home,

  4. Glad you had a great trip! The Craft Cupboard is amazing isn't it! They hold a pajama party in January and have everything 40% off. I keep trying to talk Al into wearing jammies so we can go ,but no luck yet! ;) Hope you got to see some things in Pittsburgh and did you get to Occoquan?? Welcome back home!!--Jan

  5. Woohoo! I was soooo excited to see your post-I just said to Esther not half an hour ago, I hope Christine posts about her trip soon! how sad am I????? No disappointment tho, lovvveeee it all and I am soooo in awe of that shop-I would have done the happy dance-wool and patterns.......Love the other shops too, I'm sure you had difficulty choosing!
    Glad you were all safe and enjoyed it, can't wait to see more so don't be long!lol!
    Shazy xx

  6. Thanks so much for great pictures and you can re-live your trip anytime! I too love Amish country - haven't been to Ohio, but had an amazing holiday in Lancaster County and even had an evening meal with an Amish family - such lovely people whom I admire so much. More pics please!

  7. Loved seeing all these pics! We have an Amish community nearby. Love it!

  8. Oh what fun!! I'm glad you had a great trip...I would so love to go back to Amish pretty and realed it! I for one love all the pictures...keep them coming!!

  9. Wow what s lovely trip..I love seeing all the pictures
    Thank you for sharing xxx

  10. what wonderful new treasured memories you made.
    so fun and exciting.
    what beautiful wool.
    you've been missed.

  11. Christine~ Although we are close to Amish country and I grew up with a amish farm across from grandma's old farmhouse I still am in awe at their simple life.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. THANK YOU.. loved every one of your photo's Christine... just perfect... would have been better if I had been tucked away in your suitcase though :-) Welcome home babes :-) X X X

  13. love your photos, so glad you had a wonderful trip!

  14. Hi Christine.. So glad you are back home safe and sound.. What a lovely trip, though.. How did the kids like the Amish country? Wonderful, eh?
    Take care..

  15. Hello Christine, what a great trip, love the goodies you bought, sweet bunny. Thanks for letting me tag along, enjoyable, Blessings Francine.

  16. Welcome home Christine! Sounds like a trip I would love to take. Can't wait to see more pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Be blessed,

  17. Welcome home Christine. We've missed you:) What a lovely time you had here in the US. I am happy you were safe from the storms. Looks like you found some wonderful shops!!! That bunny is so cute. I would have taken her home too. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. I hope you post some more for us soon. Now, how much laundry do you have to do? Take care friends. -Steph-

  18. Welcome back. And what can I say? That I know what you mean? That I know what it's like to be dragged out of shops? I hope you can go back soon!!!


  19. Hi you visited my Ohio... you should have told me you were coming & we could have hooked up.
    So glad you got to visit all the cool places we have here. Amish country is awesome and Roscoe Village is like taking a trip back in time..
    You must have had a time leaving all those country Stores along the way. Love your Amish bonnet great memory to ad to your decor..

    Thanks for sharing all you adventures with us..


  20. Glad you had a nice visit! LOVE Amish country!

  21. christine. stop by my blog and comment on one of your favorite items you have made. sorry if you already did.. im getting ready for drawing on wed for my followers. i need to catch up..enjoy your day!

  22. Hi, Christine:
    I just dropped in to say "Hi" and find that you had a fabulous visit to the U.S. How wonderful! It looks like you had a great time.
    I'm blogging now and then when I feel up to it. Just catching up on emails and some of my favorite blogs.

  23. Wow, what a wonderful trip! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Amish country :) One of these days I will have to drag my hubby there!

  24. Hey! very nice pictures and a lovely report! (:
    3 weeks ago i visited berlin too and stayed in http:/
    berlin is a wonderful city, i think ♥

  25. Your trip to Lancaster was right in my part of the woods! Kitchen Kettle has some great prim shops. I need to write down the other places you visited in Ohio and Virginia. I need to be visiting those places! What beautiful prims!



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