Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Merrie Month of May

Wow! It's the first of May already - a third of the year has slipped by so quickly!
The fisrt of May is a special day in our home as our littlest daughter has her birthday to day! She is now 8 - this is a picture taken last year - she loves animals and had to have a cat face painting done and then cried when I had to wash it off at bedtime!
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my wee sweetheart! She's getting to be so grown up already as tonight she asked to picked a restaurant to go and have a birthday dinner at!Here's my first finish since getting the cast removed last week: it's a freebie sampler by Primitive Betty, stitched on 28ct natural linen~
I chose the name Katie - I was remembering reading the 'What Katie did' stories.

It definitely feels so good to be able to stitch again!

Here is my own freebie cross stitch chart from last year for any of you who didn't get it before.
Just click to enlarge and print off~Hope you enjoy - I'm going to go for a walk now and gather some beautiful bluebells - happy stitching!

Thanks again for your visit!
Best wishes


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! Yes they grow so quickly.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Happy 8th Birthday to your daughter! I have an 8 year old daughter too...great age :)

  3. Christine~ Happy Happy Birthday to your little one!!! She is precious~
    Beautiful stitching~

  4. Your daughter is a real cutie pie! Beautiful blue eyes and long blond hair ~ so sweet!

    Congrats on getting to stitch again~looks wonderful!

    Wish I knew where some Bluebells grew around here, but other plants/bushes/trees are in full bloom, just as pretty.

    Have a great day and Happy B'day to your daughter!


  5. It is just so nice to see the works of your hands again. You do such a nice job. This looks so pretty.
    Isn't it hard to watch and see how fast they all grow up? I hope she had a great birthday.
    Thanks for the freebie.

  6. Happy birthday to your daughter! She looks like a sweetheart.


  7. Happy 8th to your daughter. Mine is 8 too and that is some special age. Something happens at 8 and they become more grown up and more pleasant to be around:) Wishing you and your family some fun celebrations tonight. The stitching is so pretty. I love the name Katie. The colors go so well. -Steph-

  8. Glad your cast is off! Happy Birthday to your girl! She looks so cute!

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter...she is so cute!!

  10. Happy Birthday to your daughter! :o) Your finish is beautiful, and thanks for the wonderful freebie!


  11. Happy Birthday to your Sweet Girl!
    Beautiful stitches as always friend.


  12. tell your little girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! They grow up so fast. I love your stitchery!!

  13. Happy Birhday Celebrations. My daughter had her 28th last week - seem like yesterday she was 8. Happy stitching. Chris

  14. What a dear wee daughter.. Time goes fast, my friend.. I guess you know that.. smile..

  15. Happy birthday to your sweet baby and congrats for this wonderful work, I love it :-)))

  16. Happy Birthday wishes to the young lady. The stitchery is pretty. Blessings!

  17. Happy birthday to your daughter!! They grow up in the blink of an eye, don't they! Love your stitching--wish I had the time to do it!! I'll be out of town for a few days, but when I get back I will let you know where you MUST go when you go to Pittsburgh!! I needed to get Brian's advice on the best spots!!--Jan

  18. Hello Christine, lovely to meet you. Just wanted to pop by and say thank you for becoming a follower, I'm following you back. I love your blog, anything American is a passion for me. All those beautiful quilts and folk art things, I love them all. You have a lovely blog xxx


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